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Mayank Garg May 2022
Khaamoshi jawab de deti hai
Jinpe alfaaz Nhi hote

Baatein unk bhi hoti
Jinka milna mukaddar mei nhi hota
Mayank Garg May 2022
To criticise others seems soothing as cool breeze
People say anything without a single heed.

Without aknowledging how their words might impact someone's life
They keep passing opinions with ungrateful pride.

Some are able to overcome these comments and try to move on in life
While some are demoralized and end up with commiting suicide.

People must know that its not an achievement to criticise someone at every point
Maybe that person is already going through a hectic life.

No-one knows what it would have cost him to reach at a specific point
And some unuseful words may leave a never-ening depression in his mind.

He might not be able to excel in any aspects of life henceforth
And might end up thinking his life nothing more than a unbearable load.

If you think of yourself in the shoes of the person you critice
Then you might understand that its not a thing of pride.

Years of hardwork, sacrifice and dedication comes to an end with some criticising words
And thats the point where we might lose one of our precious jewels on earth.

So lets stop critising someone just to put him down in life
Despite help him in overcoming difficulties and achieving great heights.

No-one knows how your small support can lighten up someone's darken soul
With such deeds we might end up being a true human as a whole.
Mayank Garg May 2022
I can't make out since how long I have been here
It seems like ages but it can't be fair

I was in a world which was far and different from ours
No their were neither planet nor the stars

It was all empty with a sheet of darkness all around
It was a place where time has no bound

I was neither feeling happy nor have I any kind of grief
I am at loss of words in explaining that sensation in brief

Once I leave this place I may never be at peace again.
Will be lost in haze of materialistic world and might experience tremendous pain.

Away from worldly pleasures was the place where I was.
I wanna be here forever and peace was the utmost cause
Mayank Garg May 2022
Zindagi mnazil nhi, ek safar hai
Asli manzil toh kbr hai

Doosro ko khush krne mein itna mshroof hai hr shks
Ki apni khudki khushi se bekhbr hai

Ki kya lekr aaye the, kya lekr jaayenge
Fir bhi hkeekt chhod hr shks kaamiyaabi ke liye besbr hai
Mayank Garg Apr 2021
It came to us as a thunder of stress
Turning our lives into a blunder

Panic all around and everyone distress
Risk of Covid spreading like thunder

Inspite of vaccine the cases are not ceased
And no. of cases per day are surprising

Doctor and scientist are trying their best
To Stop the cases from further rising

But the rise in cases brings a threat
To the students who are preparing for their test

Not knowing about the consequences of this act
Risking their lives to appear for the test

And inspite of knowing about the situation hereabout
Boards expect students to give exams in peace

Without creating too much crowd
Despite their future being completely ceased

Government is imposing lockdown in states
But students are forced to give exams with their lives at stake

Now it's our time to bring everything back to place
Unless generation will suffer due to our mistake
A small composition on corona
Mayank Garg Apr 2021
Sorrow and joy go hand in hand. Both are equally important in life and we cannot avoid any of them. Without sorrow there cannot be happiness. As if there will be no sorrow in our life then we would not be worried about anything. Sorrow helps us to grow, without sorrow we would remain at the same level and would never try to go higher.
For example, if I draw something and post it somewhere or show it to someone, then if the other person points out some error in it then at first I would feel bad. But then I will try to overcome that error and improve myself. And once I have overcame the error, I would be happy as I would have learnt something new. But if no one says anything, even after spotting the mistake, then I would never be able to find error and would never be able to improve it. Hence, I will always remain at the same level.
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Mayank Garg Feb 2021
Seene mein dard aur chehre pe muskurahat leke chalte hain

Kuchh log bhari mehfil mein bhi khudko akela paaya karte hain.....
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