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dina Jun 2018
tangerine and cerulean
cool beneath our feet
in a spiraling mosaic
while we rest and eat
olives from the groves
salty as the sea below
lapping on the shores to touch
fields marvelously aglow
with the shimmer of the fireflies
as they perform their dance
a lilting, evanescent display
that leaves us in a trance
we amble back to the villa
as the setting sun paints the air
a dazzling vermillion
that reminds me why i'm there
'twas there
in lore
a voice
hit veranda
then flowed
with message
this vigorous
front they'd
atone with
a writ
where cretans'
favor absorbed
ware their
certainty clay
became sugar
that'd square
their dominion
On vacation in Heraklion
A couple being playful
Holding hands occasionally,
A man tuning his guitar in the sand by the sea,
A lonely woman coming back to the hotel
White plastic bag in hand,
Cars swooping the yellowed
Street silhouettes

And the man who can't sleep
Because his body's clock is upside down
Because there were 37ºC during the day
And body can't be refreshed by hot salty water
Because he dreamed and she was there,
More time than he needed
With such tenderness which couldn't be imagined

And the Mediterranean is getting bluer by the minute
And the boats now visible
And the guitar player never left the sand
And the man who can't sleep will remain awaken
By a dream which had put him to sleep.
Benidorm, Spain
august 3, 2017
6:35 a.m.
The red light of the sun
Slowly descending
The sky is all I see
It’s never ending
We could fly
You and I
On a cloud

Music on the hillside
Piano in a villa over there
Violin below
Fireworks above
A beat – a beating heart
Someone begins to sing

The red light of the sun
Slowly descending
The sky is all I see
It’s never ending
We could fly
You and I
On a cloud

Is this place real
The ocean below
The red sky above
The music
Romance on the wind.
Sing with me

The wind plays with the leaves
The weather turns colder
But as long as we believe
Love doesn’t get older
We could fly
You and I
On a cloud

Only after one leaves
Does this place become real
A crown jewel midst a rocky cliff
A place so beautiful its
Memory etches itself into your soul
Food to die for
Drinks to fight for…

On a journey of the heart
There’s so much to see
When the sky is dark
You’ll be right here
Right here with me
Good morning I vow
I've never been to Positano but it is a place I know more about that any place on earth.  Someday - maybe -   Just imagine a whole hillside of villa's, open bars, condos and eateries as the backdrop for the Amalfi coast. When the sun goes down music fills the air as occasional fireworks dance off and explode over the Mediterranean. I hope that someday - someone who has either been there or goes there responds to this poem. I'd love to hear of your experiences there.
supman Jul 2016
Hinihikayat po namin kayong lahat na magbasa patungkol sa panitikang mediterranean. Ang panitikang mediterranean ay patungkol sa ibat ibang uri ng panitikan na nagmula pa sa ibat ibang bansa. Ang inyong pagbasa at pag like nito ay katumbas ng inyong pagmamahal sa amin at nangangahulugan na kayo ay magbabasa na patungkol sa nasabing tema. Kaya  basahin na ito at i click na po yung "heart" sa ibaba. Ito po ay para sa aming proyekto sa filipino.
Filipino project
Leah Nov 2015
I swam in the mediterranean
and you mattered more.
Gaye Sep 2015
I never met the Mediterranean neither
His bride’s land nor their aquiline nose
I saw them as shifting images
Like a pair of oily eels.

They came with the waves tumbling-
Forward from few days journey
There was no wave of anger, only an
Insecure spring of a shell-less snail.

I cannot disremember the salinity,
The stretched little boy on its shores,
Floating pieces of lost hope
And the airless nights that followed.

Dear Mediterranean, there are
Millions out there, distant kin
I don’t want those dead on rectangular-
Cement slabs, bring them alive!
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