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amrutha Jul 2020
Orbit around me and forget I exist
feed me the dust falling and rising inside of your head
watch how I accept your dying
seasons with gratitude for
you have become the very reason
why my feet spin in this empty space
without making a point.
But when I the darkness rise, the mountains fall
into deep purple slumber like the moon,
yawning as the sky keeps mumbling at us
it's inescapable questions.
Moist shores continue to gaze at the floating stars
above, gliding and swimming the black waters
distant and untouchable like a dream.
The talking has been left behind.
The moaning of the beautiful is resonating everywhere
every place, every corner, every cave
Love, roaring, makes it's way back into the candle
that stands outside the door
of a stranger hiding yet another world
in his eyes, alive.
A draft I found from 14 year old me
amrutha Jul 2020
the yellow
falls down onto the sea
old dreamers walk by the woods
in search of home
a slow surrender
a giving in, a pleasure
that numbs too much

in search of me

summon me down to my knees
bringing me
to consume you bit by bit
at the price of your moans
my religion
finally calls me close
amrutha Mar 2020
I began as piercing blue light that heals
****** wounds and scars
from this human life

I have been touched by a man
immaculate his spirit
his eyes a mirror that hold

I am rock
sedimentary through eras in time
crumbling into stardust
screaming as I reach
the farthest corners of space

I am the eye of the universe
a void that reaches back into the
amrutha Apr 2019
I feel a fever in my chest
warm and persistent
I long to meet you
and turn into vapour in the
heat of your
amrutha Nov 2018
deafening silence

old creaky doors unsure

whether to stay shut or stay put

inky sky

wet flowers in the backyard

mean kids running

in childhood streets

quiet love

between mother and daughter

quiet distance

between husband and wife

all good things

make you wait

stay put

in this lilac house

of today
amrutha Nov 2018
Come sit next to me
and don't speak a word
I will find in your flaws
something to treasure
and caress your unruly hair
when you're miles deep in sleep
amrutha Nov 2018
I lay in my bed in a room echoing with the sound of your voice, wet and blue like a september evening.
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