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Just like the full moon
To me, you are a boon,
What have I done till now, if it wasn't for you
With the ending month of June,
You approaching as rain first due.
You are amazing, you are one of  those few,
Precious, rebellious, and always new.
blazing soul May 12
"Mr Boon"
It's really been a while I came across that adorable senile man " Mr Boon", maybe he's just too vexed with me,  maybe he's not please with our last meeting, cause I was too rash on the dusty.
Oh dear good senile man "Boon" don't be too ******* me not to pave on my pavement again. I know, I might have just been quite infantile the last time, and we never learn. But does not everyone deserve a twoth?
Boon,  With,   vexed,  pavement.
Shiv Pratap Pal Sep 2019
Mac and Boon
Went up to the Moon
Mac became ill
Boon gave a Pill

Boon Said Thank You
Moon said get well soon
Let's Cherish Childhood
K Balachandran Jun 2018
daunting nonstop rains,
such mayhem landslides and pains;
rain: boon if not bane!
Khushi Saha Oct 2017
When I was born , everyone pulled my cheek,

But they all vanished the moment I began to weep,

Oh Maa! I cried in pain,

My reflexes knew it better that rest all will be in vain.

When I was five, I was sent to school,

Two soul cried that day, being parted by a

wall as stubborn as a mule.

Time went on and now I am grown ,

Lost in a world of my own.

I yell at you at times only to cry later,

I do things out of your will only to regret later.

Blessed to have you in my life Maa….
Deep Ponderer Aug 2017
Boo hoo, you have a wound,
But I called it a boon.
For you had gone too far
If it wasn't for that scar,
You would have still been stuck
Rewinding the bad past,
Thinking the pain gave meaning,
All it did was cut you out like
dead grasses.
You lost your colour,
you turned into rotten molasses​.

But now it's just a scar.
It made you realised you'd gone too far.
Your cheeks regain their rosy hue.
Once again I see you bloom
From a bud to a beautiful flower.
Thanks to the the rain that showered,
Washed all the pain of those wasted hours.
Now you find yourself in a new chapter.
So wasn't your wound a boon?
Starting a new chapter
Äŧül Oct 2016
Love has always been a baneful boon,
Neither the sun sunk nor rose the moon,
That promised evening never broke cocoon,
How much I dreamed for she never let me say,
I only kept waiting & just an idea took her away,
Time is said to pay nice but it instead made me pay.
All I am left with is love & memories, and a right hand.
I don't have any of her photographs now.

HP Poem #1170
©Atul Kaushal
Äŧül Jun 2014
I love her and she loves me,
We've boon of immortality...
Not going to live forever we,
But to persist in few stories..
Tales be narrated to the kids,
And will be told to everyone.

I am barmy & hyper-excited,
She likes it all & doesn't mind.
Some sure traits of me to hide,
She even likes my worst side..
All I now look forward is her,
Me & her, together forever...
My HP Poem #638
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —