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the soft falling rain
didst lull sleepers to slumber
with their restful drops
Andrew Rueter Jun 2019
There are a lot of sleepers out there
They need to wake up
But that task requires tremendous energy
Because when one tries to wake them
They sleepwalk back to their community
Of snoozers that salivate sleeping
To confirm the choices they’ve made
And browbeat you into a slumber
So you’ll join the rest of them in a lifelong nap
Sometimes it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie
Sara Kellie Mar 2019
Can't sleep for thinkin'
Can't wake for drinkin'
this place that I live in
to expensive to be in.

I tried just a taste
but that wasn't enough.
If I don't stop it now
I'll be back livin' rough.

Over populated streets at night.
For a doorway to sleep in
I'll have to fight and
hide under a blanket
until it gets light.

and repeat verse 3

Serge Belinsky Apr 2015
disease set up a limits,
all over crossing lines,
shark darkness pushing spirits,
forbid the Future bright,

when sources dried up cleaned,
when finish seemed arrived,
and body doesnt listen,
an orders stretching mind,

have lived ones life already?
have lived ones world they say?
all bettings leaving steady,
ones boat drown away?

this all regrets and sorrows -
will follow for the fate,
but yesterday, tomorrow,
all over Futures days -

fight back, combat an illness,
show up Your shining light,

couse constancy existence -
rulls only sleepers kind.

— The End —