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Sara Kellie Mar 17
Can't sleep for thinkin'
Can't wake for drinkin'
this place that I live in
to expensive to be in.

I tried just a taste
but that wasn't enough.
If I don't stop it now
I'll be back livin' rough.

Over populated streets at night.
For a doorway to sleep in
I'll have to fight and
hide under a blanket
until it gets light.

and repeat verse 3

Chris Neilson Oct 2016
The saddest sight I viewed on Monday
a homeless man lying across the middle of the pavement
passers by stepping over him regardless
his position suggested he was making a statement

The saddest sight I viewed on Tuesday
a homeless man frantically searching a waste bin
a look of desperation etched across his features
his frail frame desperately thin

The saddest sight I viewed on Wednesday
2 homeless men under the Mancunian Way
a forlorn shelter from the wind and rain
as passing traffic covered them in spray

The saddest sight I viewed on Thursday
was homeless people every 50 yards
a generation of students passing by their plight
many accruing debt with few safeguards

The saddest sight I viewed on Friday
a homeless woman weakly asking for change
a legion of folk living below the poverty line
I plead that something has to give or change
Fact. The centre of my home city now has more homeless/rough sleepers than ever before in my lifetime. Even more are a couple of missed mortgage or rent payments away from sliding down this slippery *****.
The country I live in is one of the richest in Europe.
Serge Belinsky Apr 2015
disease set up a limits,
all over crossing lines,
shark darkness pushing spirits,
forbid the Future bright,

when sources dried up cleaned,
when finish seemed arrived,
and body doesnt listen,
an orders stretching mind,

have lived ones life already?
have lived ones world they say?
all bettings leaving steady,
ones boat drown away?

this all regrets and sorrows -
will follow for the fate,
but yesterday, tomorrow,
all over Futures days -

fight back, combat an illness,
show up Your shining light,

couse constancy existence -
rulls only sleepers kind.

— The End —