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Apr 2018
Thoughts— my head as their axis
I lie on bed sleepless and stiff
My mom always says
"Count down to lull yourself"

One hundred
I remember holding you
And how our skin drifted
As what I feared but never anticipated

With you, every stars align
Our hands gracefully entwined
But how could they keep me confined?

Puzzled minds collate
The same minds that rotate
Turning around, finding their fate

This is how you bet and always win
How you bet and leave me thinkin'
How do I win to make us even?

I find myself falling into your tricks
The sweetest ones but never the realest
They made me sane then made me sick

I'm the bee protecting my hive
From you, the bear,
trying to steal what keeps me alive

I've got a lot to explore
More on your unspoken gestures
You shut your eyes, when you mean the door

I dive into you when you're a vast sea
While your tide is tossing me
Slowly setting me free

If you are one shade of hue
You are neither red nor blue
Your are the color that symbolizes adieu

With my flowing shirt and messy hair bun
You utter words that left me stunned
You end it all when it's undone

Mom, this is not letting me sleep but is killing me
If I reach one, I'd greet the sun dreadfully
Is counting down to sleep really an agony?
Written by
jcl  22/F/Philippines
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