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If life gives you lemons
just be thankful it’s not a lime,
and when squeezing it
avoid getting the juice in your eye this time.
Butterflies flutter
Through the crisp, cool, grey forest
Landing on noses
Sweaty flesh craving nature
Tiny legs tickling warm skin
Greenery full of life
sits atop hills
beneath a moody grey sky
lush shrubs, bushes, trees
a sight lusted over
by people like me
a guilty pleasure
for those from Michigan suburbs
stationery, observing humans
the fast moving traffic below
semis rushing to make deliveries
people getting to jobs they hate
or don't mind
in outfits they aren't comfortable wearing
road rage
accidents on the highway
houses sit atop them
steep backyards
even they wonder
why anyone would live there
people can fall into traffic
their steepness is not something they can help
flights flying overhead
humans making it to events
thinking they are so important
living a life of privilege and ability
nature is peaceful, kind
unbothered, it's number one hobby:
Meaning: While driving in California, I saw beautiful mountains. They're everywhere. Covered with trees, bushes, shrubs, dead grass or what looks like hay, steep peaks and deep dips. There is a specific beauty in mountains. We don't have any in the suburbs where I live, so it's a treat to see them every now and then. Mindfully watching nature is something that I have gotten myself accustomed to. There is something beautiful and peaceful about getting lost in observing nature; the colors, textures, shapes, plants... It is simply gorgeous. The word "scenic" is the most basic word you can use to describe it. It feels like you are lost in something else. A sight is more special to absorb through the eyes rather than take a picture or see through a screen. This piece of writing is about mountains and hills and their existence-- their observations of human activities while they remain stationery. It highlights how nature simply exists, while observing the hustle, bustle, and struggle that humans face in their day to day life.
I must leave now
I must See the wild
I must fall in love
And lose it all
I must do what great poets do
I must live
Sometimes i wonder do you
Remember me like i remember you.
I imagined a place in your heart and mind
But both of those places
Have become occupied
by a better tenant of your choice
I was waiting to see if you were
the right home for me
But I didn't put in my offer
fast enough.

Now my dream home is being
lived in, felt, breathed in, and cared for
by a tenant who is much better than me

I was ready
I had packed all my boxes,
The most meaningful memories
ready to be unleashed in this home

But now I'm left astray
with these boxes
in my U-Haul
That I don't know where to drive

I have to find another place,
But I can't move on right now
I can't find one as good as yours

Maybe your house wasn't as
great as I thought
and it was a sign from God

But now I'm stranded
Figuring out where to take this truck full of
boxes and heavy feelings

I secretly hope that your tenant will grow to dislike
what you're leasing out
I hope she'll one day decide to move out
and hope that you will offer it to me.
It's raining outside
we're off work
we're lying in your soft bed
warm from both the covers,
and the heat of each other's skin

We wake up groggy
I place my hand on your chest hair
feeling the thumping of your heart beneath
as we lay there,
I use my fingers
To sweep away that long, beautiful hair
The hair your parents hate
While you sleep peacefully

As I watch you, I wonder
If you'll ever know how many times
I stared at your Facebook photos
How many pages I wasted in my journal
How much time I spent in a dream land
daydreaming just the two of us,
and our families
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