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Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Dance Loïe Fuller
Serpentine angel, how you
Coil and capture
mikumiku Apr 2018
Just be the **** ****** you desire
Just be their icon, diva, vogue, inspire!
Just shake that money-making waffle tale
And put it up for every market sale
Or be the coffee squirrel on the wheels
Just give me mochas, lattes – those the deals!
Don’t be so easy cheesy, take a shot!
You drink at Hortons’, baby? You are hot!
Don’t feel like ******, squirrel? Be the moose!
Hang out at Lake Louise with Branta goose
Just grab a Molson and then chill it out
Now, isn’t that what Canada’s about?
Just be polite today and I won’t bite
Just say you’re sorry when you are not right
Just be the polar teddy, be the loon
We’ll love you all the way from Earth to Moon
Lunar Aug 2017
warm weathers with a warmer heart:
i stretched out my arms
and embraced her with all i am.
this girl threw an ocean of words,
of images, of emotions, and even of silence at me
over a mango shake, kimchi fishcake,
and a pair of hot matcha lattes.
she challenged me to a doodle dare
when i told her i don't draw humanity,
as much as i wanted to draw her right there on the spot.
let's draw those people on that side of the cafe
ah, a people-watching activity!
just our kind of hobby that immerses us within society
while being in our own little world!
i noticed she draws people first
then the background according to the proportions of the persons;
yes, a people-watcher observing another people-watcher
unlike me who starts off with the walls and furniture of the space.
she drew the ovals for body proportions;
her pencil marks done gently, focused and magnified,
much like how she holds herself up.
thus we were satisfied with unfinished sketches
and incomplete acapella song covers;
and it definitely was a finished day–
complete with her presence,
photographs taken with cameras and our memory's eyes,
inside jokes about boys and talks about life outside.
the sun is getting lower
as the hour hand is getting higher.

Time continues but we paused.
So I'm up for another round with you, Lou.

here's to my friend loubear aka 1/2 of lou-nar
I wish you all the best in SHS!
Welcome to the campus!!!
I love you and I miss you already~

Amanda Apr 2017
Reckless and wild
Hopeful and carefree
The roads of the midwest await

Inconvenience strikes-
Sealed already is their fate.

On the run
90 goes the T-bird
leaving behind it their future
entangled in the thick clouds of dust.

Over the grand canyon they go
The T-bird flies
Their energy and passion,
their fuel.
Limitless possibilities await
for Thelma and Louise

The journey continues
There is a babe online I talk to from time to time and her name is Clairey-Lou.
She lives in Worcester on the other side of the UK, prolly never will rendezvous.
She got big doe eyes next ta which Bambi's seem positively beady.
Her fav sarnie is salad cream and mayo... baby, that's crazy!
Other 1/2, Harvey, won't start a family
- from what she tell me, he ain't cruel.
Coz another lost bubby
just about send Clairey loopyloo.

And sometimes when we log off, we write 'Elephant Juice'.
CL says lips make the  same movements
enunciating E.J. as when you say 'I love you'.
I don't know why we text it, but it's nice.
It's like our way of saying I don't love you IRL,
but let's enjoy a fantasy that if we met, we might.

Her BFF is Bridie, their Friday night selfies so ebullient
I crack a smile.
She works a Chain Hotel;her cupsize is EE; troll follows her called Gabriel.
She says I am a hotty, but if we're talking flattery, file me under 'Terry Teflon'.
Norwich Catfish's tats, cuts, cicatrices only a filter could see thru.
Sleepless in Worcester, who do ya dream ya talk to?
Coz I got pet'll set off your catishoos.
Bless you, Miss Worcester, I tell you who ya talk ta:
stissed, poned sad poet, crooning Clairey-Lou.

And sometimes when we sign off, we type 'Elephant Juice'.
CL says lips make the same movements
enunciating E.J. as when you say 'I love you'.
I don't know why we text it, but it's nice.
It's like our way of saying I don't love you IRL,
but let's not destroy the fantasy that if we met, we might.

Don't tell Harvey sometimes we write 'Elephant Juice'!
Don't tell Harvey sometimes we type 'Elephant Juice'!
Somebody's Me Nov 2016
9 years ago, you were just a small bump in momma's belly
And now you've grown into a very charming little lady.

9 years of cuteness, love and just pure joy,
Cuddles, laughter and broken toys.

9 years ago, we just wanted you to be a good bubbly kid.
Now, you've become a daughter any parents love to have.

9 years ago, I didn't know I could love someone so much.
You are the love I knew even before I laid my eyes on you.

Today on your special day I dedicate this poem to you,
to let you know how much I LOVE YOU so.

Happy 9th Birthday MY DEAREST DAUGHTER
I LOVE YOU from 9 years ago and FOREVER
Mary-Elizabeth Jan 2015
Side by side
      Or        Miles       Apart
Will always be
Connected by the heart
Love my sisters wish we all lived closer. Edinburgh to London is too far!! Miss my big sisters
One and Only Jan 2015
Chained by truth,
Chained by tears,
Chained by dreams, and
Chained by fears.

Coward to self,
Victor to all,
Fears naught but one:
Which is Death's call.

Annoyance is plenty,
A straight face is kept.
Tears of joy,
Have never been wept.

Bane is joy,
Boon is sorrow.
Was there still hope,
To be a morrow?

Never change,
Never bother.
To show weakness
To another.
Laura D Nov 2014
My best friend has superpowers. She’ll go outside and strip off her clothes and show herself to every person passing by. She screams too loud and loves too hard and feels everything. She’ll hold you and lift you up and make sure you feel everything too. You’d want to wear her words on your feet everyday because they make you feel taller. They never go out of style and they never bore you. The things she says are the things you couldn’t.

There are so many types of beautiful and my best friend's the best one. She’s the kind of person you can’t control. The more you try to settle her flames, the bigger her fire grows. She is a bursting flame.
Sometimes my best friend is a candle. She feels too bright and burns herself up to give others light. I feel she should dance in her own spotlight. I feel others should warm their hands by her bonfire, but they should not steal her light. I wish I could let those who do burn.

My best friend is the kind of person that doesn’t catch herself when she falls. She falls and relishes in it. She lives for the fall, loves the thrill of it.

My best friend unzips every part of you. She opens you up and holds your insides and keeps them warm. You wish she wouldn’t zip you back up. You wish she’d take you with her and tell you stories about the stars in her mother’s eyes and the way her boyfriend always gives her what she wants. She always gets what she wants.

My best friend is the best storyteller. Her stories make your eyes flutter. You can’t help but smile because her vocabulary is too large for this world and I drown in it. She is never a ******* step to climb. She is your knight in shining armor, the apple of your eye. Your first choice. She gets you places.

My best friend is free. She has too much soul to be hung up on a person or a thing. She loves herself too much. She can’t possibly love anything or anyone else more.

My best friend taught me not to make homes out of people. “Doing so will leave you homesick and sad”, she said. I didn’t listen to her and found she was right. Missing arms that cannot hold roofs, hearts with shaky foundations.
She taught me people like us weren’t made to be pretty. “You were meant to burn down the earth and graffiti the sky.” We are the sun, she and I.

My best friend is the crazy kind of crazy. The kind of crazy people laugh about. The kind of crazy people try not to fall in love with. It takes some time, but falling in love with my best friend is inevitable. I’m glad her kind of crazy exists.  

I can’t help but feel that I don’t have this kind of crazy. I feel like everyone’s a little insane and we all walk around with this armor of sanity, and she’s just able to cast it off completely. I’d almost like to join her and run around the city and scream as loud as my ears can hear. I’d like to let everyone know how much I love and appreciate myself, even if it comes out as braggy. I would love to be able to bear myself completely naked without hesitation and without second thoughts. I wish I were as terrifying and strange and beautiful.

My best friend’s heart bleeds sometimes. Sometimes, she breaks her fingers because she doesn’t like the way she touches life. She was born with glass bones and paper skin. Whenever the sun doesn’t rise for her, she crashes and she questions her magic. She tells me it’s an illusion.
My best friend is never an illusion.

I believe that when my best friend is gone, she will leave everything behind. I don’t believe that she will ever need someone to teach her to set her heart free. I hope she will find enough fire in her soul to do that all by herself.

My best friend will never be alone, though.

— The End —