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John McCafferty Jan 2020
Given to err, things we not need
Another unnecessary complacent necessity
Take from a friend to give to another
Take it from me those in most need
Think to find a fuller path
Than be fed by idyllic standard greed
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Isaac Nov 2018
Growing fuller every day;
Loving life a brand new way.
Written 13 November 2018
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Boundaries pushed for lights and dance
America so eager to imitate gave you no chance
So you moved to art nouveau France
Where you twirl, spin, ignite leaving crowds in a trance

How that silk captures the flame so bright
Tricks of mirrors and stroboscopic lights
You strobos angel of the night
The crowd watches as you twirl in dizzying flight

The silk rose opens and morphs to flame
As you spin and dance your way to fame
All those impostors you have put to shame
The opera house now pronounces you a grande dame

All that training, all that tiresome work
Damaged eyes and mind driven berserk
Has created a new form of serpentine artwork
Exploding luminescent colors, a dancing firework
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Dance Loïe Fuller
Serpentine angel, how you
Coil and capture
Let it come morning
let the sun shine on me
rid me of this darkness
and the blindness
I see.

Bring me awakening
bring me the singing of birds
and books to be read
full of words.

If thine is the kingdom
let it come and shine on
until the day is full and
the darkness has gone.

— The End —