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Skip Ramsey May 2015
Not a goddess,

Not a fighter,

Beyond a friend,

Not just beautiful,

Loving and,

Sweetness and,

When the time has come,
And the day is done,
Then all will see,
That she,
Is something,
A tribute to a friend who is as caring and kind as anyone I've ever known.
Mary-Elizabeth Jan 2015
Side by side
      Or        Miles       Apart
Will always be
Connected by the heart
Love my sisters wish we all lived closer. Edinburgh to London is too far!! Miss my big sisters
Jess Nov 2014
The Air hung tremulous
Waiting with curious expectation
Her mind gliding with Tidepool Dreams
Waves caress the sand - playful.
She listens
To the song of the Sea
The laughing foam becoming giggling mist
The ***** seagull's cry with false grandeur
The weary Wind sighs with a breeze
And Her. In solitude.
Hannah Mary Oct 2014
we would cry ourselves to sleep in each other's arms
and wake up to a dark sunrise,
counting tear drop stains on our pillows
for jess, because I love you more than anything & you're my best friend ever.
Rhiannon Grace Jul 2014
i know i don't see when you cry
but i know that you do
i know you want to die
and sometimes i do too

i know i don't see the cuts that you make
but i know that they're there
i know your smiles are fake
and that you have so much to fear

i want to reach out to you
and tell you "you're not alone"
i want to help you get through
-run the demons out of your home

you've got to know
i'm just as bad
with scars i do not show
and others making me sad

i've cried myself to sleep
every night for years
while trying not to cut too deep
i drown my sorrow with tears

i know it's stupid to say
but i do love both of you
i want you to be okay
and i believe in you

all these words i'm giving to you
i wish one day to hear
i just wish that you knew
just how much i care.
written about Jess and Joccoaa. i doubt you'll ever read this, but i mean every word. I love you both.

— The End —