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One and Only Jan 2019
I want so badly to hear you,
I want so badly to feel your embrace.
Tell me hello out of the blue,
Say that you love me too.

But then after that what?
We still can’t be together,
What was I thinking...

I wish I never let go,
But what would you have wanted though.
I miss you so badly
One and Only Jan 2019
Why does letting go
hurt so bad?
I thought by doing this,
I’d make both of us happy.
I dunno about you,
But I think I was happier
when I had the slightest chance
to come back into your arms.

But Lord knows what is best for both of us.
Far away as we are taken from each other.
I hope you find the happiness I know you deserve.
And I hope I can find a way to be a better person.
I still love you.... and I think I might always do so.
One and Only Jan 2019
It hurts so much,
Loving one person to your max,
And one day needing to make a choice.

Stay and they are confused and tormented.
Or let go and he is free from your commitment.

I chose to let go…
Lord, watch over him please.
Give him the best in life because he deserves it.
I know he is strong but in times of weakness please show yourself to him so that he can believe in himself, the way I believe in him.
Lord, I love him.
I wish him the best.
I chose to let go after a month of “a confusing break up” because it was no longer fair to both of us. I wish we could’ve stayed but, I could never let him give his dream up. I love him too much. I hope wherever he’d go he’d be happy. And I hope I meant as much to him as much as he meant to me.
One and Only Nov 2018
I had a dream
It started out innocent
I was running through the city
Saw some friends
Had sweets and cookies
Funnily enough
I got lost after running
Then all I remember
Is falling, falling.

Blackout then lights

Saw you lying beside me
Eyes so sweet
It made me swoon.
You looked at me
Held me
Made me feel safe.
Kissed me,
Caressed me
Touched me in many ways.
Held me close,
And grinned with intent.
But no sooner than it started.
My dream had to end.

Woke up with a start,
And a fast beating heart.
I craved for your touch
And your presence so much

But I guess that’s all it was
A dream.
I wished my dream would’ve gone on and finished at least. Or would come true in reality. But we don’t have that luxury right now.
One and Only Nov 2018
There are pictures I have kept
Saving each for the feelings brought back
But I cannot send them,
I cannot right now.

There are pictures I have kept,
Kept for the memories we had.
I’d love to send them
But would it be bad?

There are pictures I have kept,
They still live in my phone.
Reminding me of you,
Is it so bad that I want old to be the new?

These pictures I keep,
Tell me of our love,
Tell my heart be strong
tell me to rise above.
I dunno if it’s okay for me to still be clingy and lovey and all that. I want to, trust me. But is it okay for you? I want you to be happy and if in any way I’m stopping you please tell me. I love you so much ❤️
One and Only Nov 2018
One of the happiest days of my life
Was seeing you again after 3 months of pining.
I can’t say I didn’t expect what happened,
But I know it wasn’t for the lack of loving.
We loved so much and tried other ways,
But this is not our end.
If anything this needed to happen,
If anything we need to be friends once again.
No one is to blame, no one to be held at fault.
Heal, mend and grow.
Maybe in the future, we’ll be even closer
You never know.

My Love be happy
My Love stay sweet
My Love breathe freely
One day we will meet.

My heart is yours,
Don’t you fret.
You are the home
It will never forget.
It still hasn’t sunk in that we parted but I know I’m already missing something and I know it’s for the best. Take your time love ko, I’ll be here for you for better and for worse, as your friend or more I promise I’ll be here. Please take care of yourself and open up to a friend. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH KEAN, till next time ❤️
One and Only Feb 2018
By the time you see this,
I hope we are both truly happy.
By the time you see this,
I hope I haven’t done something heartbreaking for you to leave me.
By the time you see this I hope you’ve already realized,
You are my dark
You are my light
You are what keeps me going.
We may be too young,
I may be too naive right now
But whatever happens,
Please know I love you.
From the depths of this cracked soul and heart.


I love you for who you are.
I don’t care anymore what happened in the past.
Losing you is not worth fighting over
“who was wrong, who was right“


I love you for the flaws you have
I love you for the moments we spent laughing
I love you for the moments we shared crying
I love every bit of you.
And I hope you know that too.
I love you so much KCMB. You’ve done so much and been through hell and back for me. I don’t deserve you, but I’m so happy you still chose me.
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