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Mar 2015
Next to nowhere
She lays
Still bitten with the rage
Of the still torn pages inside
The left look behind
She saw 12
Hundreds in gathering to see a masterpiece
To see a great feast take place
Inside the belly of the beast we embrace
We brace for
10 until later our velvet skin was torn
It was not a book she was reading
Life admits it to be true
Things only seem
as they seem to you
As they are
As we are
8 left
We read from the dead to find the meaning of life
Still hidden from
Foreign to the match tip burns
Rage to the night
Rage to all the ends of the strings tied to the ropes we bleed from
Free fall to the once forgotten song
We sing
We breathe in again
Within minutes of each other
The numbers fall
6 legs on this chair
Holding each one
Carefully in the air
Not the slightest ripple
From even the slow moving and inconvenient
We all crawl as one
A notebook drawn by the sun
With the letters as colors and pages as numbers
We will all learn to see when it's raining
We will learn to be forgiven
For what has happened
4 steps to the partially broken door hinge
Lay Waste to the less fortunate
For I have come without a hood to cover my ears
Up the elevator we climb
To the tip of the mountain we press
This is not a test
2 questions unanswered
We must learn to run before we crawl
the voices say
To follow your heart
From every beat
And from every start
There will be a finish
A tapered trip to an answer well lived to be heard
Hear all what you want to see like
And say all that you wish to breathe like
Kurt LaVacque
Written by
Kurt LaVacque  Austin
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