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Sophia L Jun 2019
love is a boring thing,
i like flesh and bone better-
that sounds more human being
Sophia L Jun 2019
Of course
I love life
— so much sadness
— so much happiness
make me sleepless
Tommy Randell Jun 2019
Every poem is Poem Of Hope -
From before it sits there to the final finesse,
From the slow motion stumbling and lope,
All clumsy arms and gangled legs,
To the heads-up "I Am Here" of its very first breath.

Every birth is a Birth of Hope -
Pushing upwards into the light however dark,
Crying out in joy and anguish both,
Life is poetry in a blazing arc,
From the first "What Am I?" to its fading spark.

We are Children doing childish things -
Daubing the pages of our lives with words,
Living our days in moments filled with meanings,
Every second, every hope, denying the absurd
As the last "Who Was I?" goes unread and unheard.
Tommy Randell Jun 2019
When your head's in a vice
And you're screaming at the world
Don't think because you're loud
You are actually being heard!

If life is on your case
What is the point of decibels?
Just be glad it's your head
And not, of course, your genitals.

Kaiden A Ward May 2019
in this life,
I had not realized I had learned,
for it is one of the first
we are ever taught.

Our first experience
of this world, consists only
of cold and pain, yet,
we learned how to breathe
in the harshness
of this reality.

So ingrained is this truth that
we rarely dwell upon it.
It is only when oxygen is denied us
that we remember our first lesson in life.

To breathe.

Just breathe,
and keep breathing.
Calm you heart and your mind.
Life may be out of your control but
you can control the constriction
of your lungs.

Take solace in the knowledge that
everything will be alright,
as long as you remember
to breathe.
Sophia L May 2019
don’t take my silence as the feebleness,
i am not sleeping-
just taking a nap.
Sophia L Apr 2019
just found out-
waiting for an answer
is one of the most tortured things
Sophia L Apr 2019
we always want to have someone
sometimes we forget-
we have ourselves
Sophia L Apr 2019
keep raw
keep origin
-not easy to lost
 not easy to fall
Sophia L Apr 2019
even it hurts
but I grow faster
-stand higher
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