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LexiSully Nov 2016
The robin wakes to magnificent streaks of color across the sky,
But was too busy hunting worms to notice what was up high

She flies through emerald trees dancing in the slight breeze,
But dismissed it as nothing different than what she normally sees

She tends to her vibrant blue eggs as they get ready to hatch,
But fails to notice the importance of the batch

She sinks into the nest in the moonlight, just shutting her eyes,
But wait, what is way up in the sky?

Why, it is a shooting star, glistening and shimmering high above,
She smiles and is suddenly overwhelmed with God's love

In that moment, she realized that life had a meaning,
It was so much more than the hunting, working and cleaning,

It was meant to teach slowly through every new opportunity,
Until one day she and God will have complete unity.
Lovelyn Eyo  Jul 11
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 11
There are many keys to a door
Without the keys
you can't secure-keep
Or open to great possibilities
You're yet to reach
Do your best in the present
To get the key of the future

Education is Key
to the door of a great future
The basic necessity that bridges the gap between the poor and rich
I may not be rich today
But with this key
I will be rich someday
invest wisely in education
Don't let this precious gift
Be a deprivation
For with it we'd be
Key-Leaders of the future
Education- my pride:
is the KEY

We all need this key: tis A right and THE right
Carter Ginter Jul 2014
If you ever think about me and it hurts,
I'm sorry but you did this to yourself.
I tried, gave it my all,
and it wasn't enough for you.
I don't regret trying and failing,
because you were worth every attempt:
You helped me out of a bad place and,
despite the fact that you put me back into a darker one,
I am no longer afraid of the darkness.
So I'm sorry I was wrong,
and hopefully your decision reflects what you truly desire in life.
I hope you can find light in the situation,
as I have begun to do;
If you ever need me,
I'm still here if no one else is around
to catch you if you fall.
Finally coming to good terms with the memories of someone from my past. I realize that it happened for a reason and I will become a better me because of it.
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 11
I have a dream
Where your dream
Is mine
My dream your dream
The dream of never -giving up
I shall never give up
You too never should
And together we live up
Be lit-up
Stand up
For this dream
To stand and stay real

Dream big, no matter the struggles, fight positively to attain your dream,you deserve the best
Sophia Li Apr 16
keep raw
keep origin
-not easy to lost
 not easy to fall
Sophia Li  Jan 29
Sophia Li Jan 29
why you don't understand me?
we all have our own stories
time past
nobody listens
probably it would be the best-
to fly in my SOLO dimension
Sophia Li  Feb 8
Sophia Li Feb 8
I never give up HOPE
just HOPE abandons me sometimes
Sophia Li  Jan 30
Sophia Li Jan 30
people smile back at you when you smile
but we always alone when we cry
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