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Lovelyn Eyo Aug 2019
Life's just a dream
    Have you ever wondered
    Have you ever pondered
    How to live this wonder
    Within its border
Live your dream
    On the inside first
    Unclad every cloak of fear
    With the switch of
     determination & freedom
The life of your dreams
    Would surely reflect out brightly

Through your dreams
Live your life
Live your dreams

A simple quote
For a healthy simple life
I wrote
Tis A dream
A life

Lovelyn Eyo Jul 2019
Depression sneaks into my sight
You can Unsneak it with a fight
Let out this negative entity
With your will-might
Don't permit its suppression
Tis an oppression
you must kick out
Let it flow only out
And never to flow in
To give it a rout
I stand with you
For the collection
of its recollection
Put your mind under
Lock and key
Only positivity can open

Specially for Eva and all dear ones out there, staying positive is a choice you can pick, **
Lovelyn Eyo Jul 2019
No matter how LIES races
On the track of life
the TRUTH would surely prevail

Lovelyn Eyo Jul 2019
I have a dream
Where your dream
Is mine
My dream your dream
The dream of never -giving up
I shall never give up
You too never should
And together we live up
Be lit-up
Stand up
For this dream
To stand and stay real

Dream big, no matter the struggles, fight positively to attain your dream,you deserve the best

— The End —