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Geary evans Nov 2016
I am talking to you
Yes i know what you hear
I see what you see
I feel what you feel
I bear the burden you bear
Only if i could help you
Geary evans Nov 2016
A strong man a servant of God
A lover and brother
A son and a uncle
A human being with flaws
I knowledge i am not perfect
But can you do the same
Geary evans Nov 2016
How can I  stop
Why does it have to be you
I feel like I did something wrong
Please show me a sign you're listening
Only if I was strong enough
I cried because you not here anymore
I still pretend you here
Rest in peace auntie
Geary evans Nov 2016
I just started
No I am not done yet
I  am not tired
Just give me time
It pains me but I can I do it
Geary evans Nov 2016
I remember when I first met you
I remember when I first saw
I remember been there with you
I remember walking you to your car
Geary evans Feb 2016
I tried to live
I tried to love
I tried to feel
I tried to breath
I feel like I tried so much nothing works
Do you see my attempts or just my failure
Geary evans Feb 2016
I feel so weak
I can't choose
I can't breath
I can't feel
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