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  4h Lovelyn Eyo
We carry our worlds within our hands
And communicate in time with our heartbeats
We can see the world from above and far away
Or the inside of ourselves in minute detail
Time can be tabled, abstract or meaningless
As we try to find our souls
We adapt to ever change
While love remains the same
  17h Lovelyn Eyo
You look beneath each unturned stone
where four leaf clover shrouds the path
To wonder, thinking all alone,
what brought about this aftermath

As daisies clamor ‘bout the field
and dragonflies abandon hope
When orchards passing off their yield
will find it hard to even cope

Lest not a day of future themes
reflect this distance you now feel
For merely but a stack of dreams,
horizon’s light may soon reveal

So take this orchid from its stem,
a small reminder of the past
And question not who follows them
but cherish every foot step cast

Come hold your head up to the sky
as banners wave and bluebirds sing
Extend your hand to passers by,
much more than just a thoughtful thing

For life is but a fleeting friend
not here for very long at all
It’s up to you to just transcend
and rise above before the fall
A chance has melted right within your reach
It was there before, but now you see the ripples it has made
You've turned your back just for a second
And you leave behind another path untaken
Beautiful flower fell to the ground
Chewed with greed in the middle of the stem
Was left to fall as it tasted bitter
Heavy clouds want to reach the evergreens
Or maybe it's the other way around

Tripping always on moments unspoken
Sighing, as the aroma of victory floats in the air,
Unseen and untouchable,but oh, so taunting!
Staying with widest eyes not to miss the chance again...
I don't know if this path is the right one
but i'll walk it fearlessly
A hundred strong flock of birds
glide slow circles in the sky,
no care for the world below,
no mind for a reason why.

Meditation on the wing,
freedom flying on warm air,
no hurried destination,
just enjoying being there.

© Pagan Paul (15/07/19)
Creation of a character,
a personality extension,
allows freedom to fly
and all the things wanted,
needed, to be expressed
will explode through
and be birthed in purity
from the core.

So give yourself permission,
play, imagine, conjure,
bring forth a new you
'guised and naked,
broadcast your words
with a mouthpiece
created from your own

© Pagan Paul (30/06/19)
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