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Lovelyn Eyo Jul 2020
The  world sits in fear
we have to hold THE LORD near

tbough some drip a-tear
pray, uplift to show a-care

We see LIFE is very dear
as all other things- locked out in the rear

Cherish the moment you share
and with the rhythm of nature you hear
taking life forgranted we shan't longer dare

The bad times soon would goodbye wave
since restoration is what we crave

Earth seek to heal in many ways
and with the healing rays
The SUN of Justice shall rise
and shall we arise
from our seats
Holding life more than dear

#staySafe , keep the world safe!
©Lovelyn Eyo
June 2020
Lovelyn Eyo Jun 2020
Look how the flowers
wear their beautiful garments
for the spring banquet

Look to the beauty of life, your spring time will come even when it looks gloomy... The flowers celebrate life, take a cue feom this beauty.... life is precious
Lovelyn Eyo Apr 2020
During this fearful wave
please stay safe
to keep the world safe
  Dec 2019 Lovelyn Eyo
The more it hurts
The more I smile
because the smile has the power
To make it useless
Lovelyn Eyo Sep 2019
generally gain true great knowledge from one who knows better than you & I
A higher knowledge of truth that's beyond the human scope
cannot  originate from mere mortals BUT from THE IMMORTAL &OMNISCIENT ONE who knows more than any human being.

Eternal life is the life of GOD revealed through CHRIST, intent on gifting those who follow the life of truth & holiness as personified by CHRIST-THE WORD OF GOD

GOD is neither silent nor imaginary
but has spoken since the beginning of time
& keeps speaking to those who
are open to the truth
humbly aligned with HIS love
and goodness of heart

HE has revealed what's beyond any human scope
through JESUS -The LOVEofGOD that came down from Heaven
who also is the ICON & MODEL of eternal life evident through  His death & resurrection, bringing forth GOD's salvation to the entire human race &the radiance of the AFTERLIFE-the greatest hope in glory for humankind
A brief insight on the afterlife, a revelation shown through CHRIST and a supreme gift of GOD for those who live by HIS word of life
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