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Rose Mar 18
I need to say something I’d rather not have to say
But there is a bed I have made and now I must lay
you shouldn’t have to know
But I’m gonna say no
I really hope our friendship won’t have to pay.....
Savannah Muller Mar 2018
i was speaking to him about how i felt about him i noticed something. my heart was slowly breaking.
the words he was saying was  slowly fading. My heart rate was slowing.
the air was bitter and cold  just after it was warm and sweet.
For the words you just said. "i am sorry i cannot date you but we can be friends" came from your lips that fading from your beautiful smile of yours.
who knew that those words could hurt in less than a heartbeat.  My heart has finally broken but in time it will try and re-heal. for love is never ending and i will find the boy who is rightfully mine to love. so i hold a brave face and hide my tears for you are not my lover to love.
when you walk away i shall stay strong and hold on. for the sound of rejection is only the beginning of heartbreak so until my heart has found love.
you are not my friend nor my enemy.
my lover nor hater.
my death nor reborn.
art nor junk.
you are just a person to me and a person you shall stay. As you have done to me i shall do the same.
you may not love me and that's fine.
i shall respect your love for someone else.
just know that when you near and every time i see you.
My heart and soul dies a little inside for you could not be mine.
rejection fell like thorns in your heart that are stuck there plus being friends zoned hurts just as much... but in time they will eventually be plucked out and healed
Daniel Magner Oct 2017
Zoned in traffic,
alone with the greatest hits of the 90s,
going 25 when I want to be going 90.
It's a two way repeat most days of the week,
and an unfulfilling repeat at that.
Back-tracking would hardly remedy.

Peddling into old things.
Daniel Magner 2017
penn Oct 2015
It's not the judgement that I fear,
But the feeling when you're near.
You're like a hurricane
completely insane,
But it's not the same
when I hear you speak her name.
How I wish she could just disappear,
But you would drink beer.
And tell me that she's still the one you want to hear.
How can I compete
with someone you used to call your queen?
I just want your attention;
You once told me that I was your reflection.
That we had some kind of connection,
But I figured maybe that was just my imagination.
Maybe I was just experiencing some hallucinations.
(Sorry. This was kinda' lame. Just wrote this coz I'm kinda' bored)
C E Harrington May 2015
I’m not sure
but sometimes
I’d rather be zoned,
just to feel like an ice cream cone
cold, down to the bone,
chill to the taste.
Ice cream isn’t a waste.
Lisa Nov 2014
She won again!
This time, I was going to fight back. I was determined to speak my mind.
It was like a tennis match, where I was being served aces and smashes.
It was too much and I knew she was enjoying it.
My mother left the room and I immediately felt a combination of frustration and hopelessness hover over me.
What is the point!
I felt a burning sensation as the tears came closer to the surface, but I managed to hold them back.
Instead I put my ear phones in and zoned out.
Just another day with mom!
Hannah Holliday Nov 2014
I have been deemed " Friend Zoned"
it is the same as solitary confinement
only it leaves your heart feeling crushed and not just shattered.
I am left staring at a wall
Alone all alone again
I have come to know this place
And I hate it more and more every time that I am ****** to it.
I'm sick of being friend zoned please can this just not be a thing anymore.

— The End —