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maritza Jan 28
if i knew the last time i saw you was going to be the last
i would've pushed through the crowd
shoved everyone away until it was just me in front of you
i would've wrapped my arms around you
shoved my head in your chest
would've said goodbye i'll miss you and how much you meant to me
but i didn't know
so instead i looked away as you searched for me
i blended into the crowd and willed you not to find me
i hate the past me
i might see you again soon i hope
Kyra Embers Jul 2020
The last time we met.
      I thought I hugged you tight,

Somehow it seems less now,  
Stars suddenly dim
making the moon
Hard to breathe, harder to pretend.
                                         Pretence, because normal is non existent 
                                         Pretence, because my happiness, chose
                                               you over me                                                                  ­          
I thought I kissed you

that the world would explode,
if we did some more,
I wish I had rather let the world explode,
 for every night,
my heart busts aches with regret.
                                            The last time we met, I pulled you closer
Hoping to catch your scent,
snugly tucked, safely stored  
                                      guarded, in my memory.
That's all there is now,
a mild scent as evidence
reminding things,
for how it used to be.
Quarantine issues
Harry May 2020
Show me the meaning of love once more this time I'll not go away,
Kiss me once more this time I'll not stop you,
Hold my hand once more this time I'll not pull it off,
Brush my hair once more this time I'll let you,
Giggle me once more so that i can laugh,
Show me the meaning of love once more,
This time I'll do the same.
Sharon Knipe Mar 2020
you wanted me

         to change my idea of love
just so you could continue to do the same thing
"Insanity is trying the same thing, but expecting something new
we must be insane cause we keep trying this, expecting to pull through" - Anson Seabra
Bridget Allyson Oct 2016
Last time I saw him he was saying "I will always love you."
Last time I saw him he was holding my hand.
Last time I saw him he smelled of cologne.
Last time, he touched my heart.
This time she is saying "I love you so much."
This time, she is kissing my cheek.
This time, she smells of perfume.
This time, she is touching my soul.
Because my transgender bf is starting his transition soon
complexify May 2016
You know what?
I'm done.

I'm done chasing your shadows through the
Sleepless nights
Running away from my anxieties
Feeding on my demons
Just because of you.

I'm done
Suffering for nothing
Feeling empty in every place I go
Seeing your face everywhere
I feel like my life is a total ******* sometimes
Because of you.

I had enough of myself
Running after what, exactly?

Oh, I know I've said this a million times
And I promise this would be the last time
I'd ever chase something
That's never true.

Love exists,
But it's ******* to me.
I'm sorry, I had to let it go. For the last time. I mean like why won't she love me? Maybe I'm just a stupid boy who'd never suit her.
I saw the piece that'll complete me.
I saw it again.
Maybe, you're confused
And I am so nervous
So how could I start my story?
When I just saw my missing piece?
I am a puzzle
And he's a puzzle piece
I am a mindful art.
A black and white one; gloomy, simple, boring.
I am contented with my life, I am not looking for more.
But then, he came.
He came to me like a thunderstorm
And I cannot do anything because I'm a mere stone.
He's a poor lost soul
And I'm willing to became his foolish map
I was hypnotized with his colorful gaze
And I fell deep.
Yes, I am.
I really am. I knew it was trouble,
He's a trouble.
But I am a willing victim, a suicidal prey
Who’s begging for more.
God! I am pathetic!
I know, those laughter's and fears are worth it.
I know that every burst of anger, every drop of tears are worth it.
I am nothing but a handicapped
When it comes to him.
He used to hug me with his fire- coated body,
It could burn my skin. I am well aware of everything.
Yet I let him.
He touched me like
He's taking the air of my lungs with him
And I know it's deadly
But I can give it all to him.
He's a parasite within my mind, heart, body and soul.
He corrupted me.
He became my skin.
My air to breathe.
I did everything so we could fit perfectly.
And that's when I realized.
I realized that he cannot love me as I love him.
He cannot sacrifice himself as I could give my life for him.
He was selfish, I am selfless.
He was composed of color, I am made of black and white.
That's when it hit me.
I am **** too late to realize! **** too late.
I was falling deep
But I am falling into an abyss of confusion,
An abyss of emptiness and sorrow in the pits of hell.
I am broken.
No, I am always broken.
I look at him blindly and I am at fault.
Maybe I am just desperate
But I am ready to be a fool for him.
I'm a willing victim, a suicidal prey.
I look at him blindly
And forgot that he's a colorful art and
I am just black and white.
I look at him blindly
And forgot that he was a walking disaster
and trouble to my life.
I look at him blindly
And forgot that he's punishing me
With his every touch.
I look at him blindly! I look at him blindly.
But, I cannot look straight at him
'Cause I already gave up… so I am letting him go.
He shattered me into pieces
And now, I'm all alone
As sadness started to grow.
I saw the piece that'll complete me.
I saw it again.
I knew how I reacted
As I saw my missing piece.
I saw it! I saw it.
But I know, someone already took it
Because it is not my puzzle to fit.
Dear Mr. Puzzle Piece,
You're the most beautiful piece that I ever had. I believe that this is not the right time for the both of us, it's toxicating so we'll always end up like this -- broken. I'm so sorry for not loving you enough to hold on, I'm not the "girlfriend type" for you and you're not even the "boyfriend type" for me but always remember that I loved you so much, it hurts. You will always be in my heart. Take Care, I'll always pray for your health and success. Till next time!
Ms. Puzzle
May Stockdon Aug 2015
The brush of his lips against her neck
The scrape of her nails across his back
The slide of his hand elicits a sigh
The curve of her waist, gripped in his hands
The rhythm of his heart beating in time with her own
The throaty moan that urges him on
The thickness in his voice, reveals his desire
The desperation because they know this is the last time
The gasp of pleasure begging for release
The cry of pleasure as she tips over the edge
The sound of her name, repeated again and again
The whispered goodnight once they have settled
The faint snoring breaking the silence of the room
The decision to stay the night
Cazandra Leia Oh Dec 2014
My hands trembled,
looking at
how bleak my world seemed.

I looked down to see
a red line,
running down my arm.

Closing my eyes,
swallowing the same pills
for what i hoped was the last time.

My hope of eternal sleep,
eroding as i awoke
dizzy and empty of all things.

Maybe i killed her,
or maybe
I killed me.
Mercury Chap Feb 2015
The dance of eyes
The soul of lies
Prancing like the winds,
The fear of the shy
The hesitation to speak
Enhancing the sound of heart.

It's not shyness
It's a game
A game of two
A game of love
A game of heartbeats
A game which is tough.

You call your opponent
A crush
Because your heart crushes
As it fears if your crush is even a part of it
But then it blushes
When you know
That he is the one and only part
Your heart shares
With his soft stares.

The dancing eyes
Look here and there
And in the crowd
Peek at each other like a thief
Stealing another glance
Just one last time
That one last time which stays forever.

We share a glance
And then look away
But this is the chance
When we talk and sway
But shyness always comes in our way.

At last
For the last time
We share our soft stares
We look into each other's eyes
We delve into each other's minds
But then again shyness comes in our way
And we move on our own pathways

Forever unknown to one another
But forever knowing about the secrets stares we shared.
Just something that happened with me, and my story is still incomplete.
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