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Mercury Chap Feb 2015
The dance of eyes
The soul of lies
Prancing like the winds,
The fear of the shy
The hesitation to speak
Enhancing the sound of heart.

It's not shyness
It's a game
A game of two
A game of love
A game of heartbeats
A game which is tough.

You call your opponent
A crush
Because your heart crushes
As it fears if your crush is even a part of it
But then it blushes
When you know
That he is the one and only part
Your heart shares
With his soft stares.

The dancing eyes
Look here and there
And in the crowd
Peek at each other like a thief
Stealing another glance
Just one last time
That one last time which stays forever.

We share a glance
And then look away
But this is the chance
When we talk and sway
But shyness always comes in our way.

At last
For the last time
We share our soft stares
We look into each other's eyes
We delve into each other's minds
But then again shyness comes in our way
And we move on our own pathways

Forever unknown to one another
But forever knowing about the secrets stares we shared.
Just something that happened with me, and my story is still incomplete.
Daniel Mashburn Oct 2014
I am bothered by the slaughter
That her hands had cost her.

"I swear this time
Is the last time."
sheila Apr 2014
we are puppets
of this late night show
trying to unleash
all these thoughts in a blow

we are athletes
on a championship event
trying to not waste
every second of this moment

the kiss, the hug,
let me swallow every piece
of memory we had
for one last time

— The End —