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Dec 2015
I saw the piece that'll complete me.
I saw it again.
Maybe, you're confused
And I am so nervous
So how could I start my story?
When I just saw my missing piece?
I am a puzzle
And he's a puzzle piece
I am a mindful art.
A black and white one; gloomy, simple, boring.
I am contented with my life, I am not looking for more.
But then, he came.
He came to me like a thunderstorm
And I cannot do anything because I'm a mere stone.
He's a poor lost soul
And I'm willing to became his foolish map
I was hypnotized with his colorful gaze
And I fell deep.
Yes, I am.
I really am. I knew it was trouble,
He's a trouble.
But I am a willing victim, a suicidal prey
Who’s begging for more.
God! I am pathetic!
I know, those laughter's and fears are worth it.
I know that every burst of anger, every drop of tears are worth it.
I am nothing but a handicapped
When it comes to him.
He used to hug me with his fire- coated body,
It could burn my skin. I am well aware of everything.
Yet I let him.
He touched me like
He's taking the air of my lungs with him
And I know it's deadly
But I can give it all to him.
He's a parasite within my mind, heart, body and soul.
He corrupted me.
He became my skin.
My air to breathe.
I did everything so we could fit perfectly.
And that's when I realized.
I realized that he cannot love me as I love him.
He cannot sacrifice himself as I could give my life for him.
He was selfish, I am selfless.
He was composed of color, I am made of black and white.
That's when it hit me.
I am **** too late to realize! **** too late.
I was falling deep
But I am falling into an abyss of confusion,
An abyss of emptiness and sorrow in the pits of hell.
I am broken.
No, I am always broken.
I look at him blindly and I am at fault.
Maybe I am just desperate
But I am ready to be a fool for him.
I'm a willing victim, a suicidal prey.
I look at him blindly
And forgot that he's a colorful art and
I am just black and white.
I look at him blindly
And forgot that he was a walking disaster
and trouble to my life.
I look at him blindly
And forgot that he's punishing me
With his every touch.
I look at him blindly! I look at him blindly.
But, I cannot look straight at him
'Cause I already gave up… so I am letting him go.
He shattered me into pieces
And now, I'm all alone
As sadness started to grow.
I saw the piece that'll complete me.
I saw it again.
I knew how I reacted
As I saw my missing piece.
I saw it! I saw it.
But I know, someone already took it
Because it is not my puzzle to fit.
Dear Mr. Puzzle Piece,
You're the most beautiful piece that I ever had. I believe that this is not the right time for the both of us, it's toxicating so we'll always end up like this -- broken. I'm so sorry for not loving you enough to hold on, I'm not the "girlfriend type" for you and you're not even the "boyfriend type" for me but always remember that I loved you so much, it hurts. You will always be in my heart. Take Care, I'll always pray for your health and success. Till next time!
Ms. Puzzle
Angelica Mae A Javier
Written by
Angelica Mae A Javier  Philippines
     Lior Gavra and Joseph Floreta
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