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Sharon Knipe Mar 2020
you wanted me

         to change my idea of love
just so you could continue to do the same thing
"Insanity is trying the same thing, but expecting something new
we must be insane cause we keep trying this, expecting to pull through" - Anson Seabra
Sharon Knipe Jul 2019
Something about you felt different

Like the way you fixated yourself on the passing building and shining stars from the car window. Sitting in the cold air-coned seats, that you still insisted were hot.

I just want to let you know that you won't have to watch me like those passing buildings.

I'm not passing by nor are you a pit stop.

And although stars may be blinding
I will always have an eye

For you.
excerpts from the notes i held
Sharon Knipe Oct 2018
yet, it's so hard for me to find the things i lost
in the clearest of blue waters
everytime i think i'll swim
i drown
Sharon Knipe Jun 2018
He spoke something of rivers, stars and redwood trees with a fire in his eyes that could have burned the forest at his feet. And the diamond shards of dewy grass were always tears I never let you see, so I waited until dawn to finally set my spirit

f r e e
Sharon Knipe Jun 2018
I stood on the other barrier between us, hesitant to let you in, I picked the petals off the flowers you once grew and told myself enough was enough, I locked my door and went to bed,
Slowly drifting to the sound of you trying to find your way back into my life once more.
I'll be sleeping, darling.
Sharon Knipe May 2018
But it's 3am, I captured the changes of advantage points in you.

This was not planned. You view the beautiful skyline above, when all I see is blue. Seeing through the naked eye occured rarely, with reflected risk.

Time is a mechanic, it still orbits our imaginations.
Sharon Knipe May 2018
should I turn into a storm?
howling like the wind, making noise
just to get you to hear me?
I just wanted you to hear.
I'm not even asking for you to listen.
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