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Harry Jun 2020
Why do i love you?
Well I don't have any reasonable answer to that.
Is it because love doesn't need to be reasonable Or because for me it's more than enough that every time you hold my hand I feel like i can conquer  the world, because I like the way you look at me Or because you have shown me what I really am, I don't think those are the real reasons, maybe it's because you can't be mine.
I'll always love you and now that you are gone it's growing even stronger, and hey I'm not afraid of it now, to love you, because I'm done resisting my heart.
Harry May 2020
I don't think I'll be able to find my treasure again, it's not because that the ship is damaged and the sail is broken by the whirlpool, or because all the maps are torn into pieces and I'm not able to track you down.
it's just that,
since I've lost the very key to my long lost treasure, my compass, I don't know how I'll find it now, Do I even want to find it now??
I don't think I'll be able to find you again, in this mad world, where people seek for gold and silver, all I'm still looking for, is You........ And on this lonely journey I've lost my all hopes and all prayers, I've lost my only heart.
It's very funny that how it kills not having you in my life but at the same time not wanting you back
Harry May 2020
You used to be a movement but you are just an another memory now,
You used to be alive but you are dead now,
You were beautiful but you are all ugly now,
You were a colourful butterfly but you are a rotten Caterpillar now,
You used to be a sky full of stars but as I gaze at you, you are a moonless night now,
You used to rule the world but all I hear is that you're a slave of your regrets now,
You were my daybreak but you are just a horizon now,
You used to fly with your wings wide open high in the sky but all I see is a featherless creature now,
You used to be this endless sky but you are just a blue patch now,
You used to be an infinite lake but you are a dead Sea now,
You used to be an artist but all I see is a lifeless poet now,
You used to be lively but you are hollow now,
You were a forest providing shelter to thousands of lives but all which is left, is a dessert now,
You used to inspire people but you are a failure now,
You used to be full of life but all I see is a depressed, 9 to 5 worker now,
You used to be my lover but you are just a stranger now.
I've seen alot of people like this who have so much potential but somehow they end up less then of what they are capable of.
All I wanna tell you is that you still can........
Harry May 2020
I use to believe that the sky and earth never meets, but then she came and introduced me with the concept of sunset and sunrise.
I was amused by how could something so much complicated can be so much simple.
Everything  stopped as I looked into her eyes, for first time in my life, my watch stoped working.......
and time froze.....
Harry May 2020
Years after we've been separated form each other, I still remember.............
I can still feel the sweet burns of her lips onto mine.............
The melting body of hers into my arms and the fire that she'd always carry with her, like she was about to put every little thing on fire, mercilessly.
I've seen a thousands of women smoking cigarette  but the way it slouched on her lips was good enough to put any men onto a deathbed.
By:- Harry
Harry May 2020
Show me the meaning of love once more this time I'll not go away,
Kiss me once more this time I'll not stop you,
Hold my hand once more this time I'll not pull it off,
Brush my hair once more this time I'll let you,
Giggle me once more so that i can laugh,
Show me the meaning of love once more,
This time I'll do the same.

— The End —