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Amaya Bhavya Apr 2017
Your eyes would hurt to open
Even under the brightest day
But eventually, your lids would crease out
You would feel the reality outshining your dreadful dreams

Your hands would get numb
You would not feel the touch among all those feelings which made you feel nothing
And as you will lay your hand on the souvenir
Your closed fist would give you the power you need

Your legs would get paralysed
And you would stumble down the stairs
Crawling and stooping would not help
You would still try to drag yourself lying on the floor
But you will move on

Your heart would skip a beat every time those thoughts would pass by
Heart aches would drain everything from yourself and will leave you with a new you

One day your mind will finally decide
It won’t make you suffer anymore
It won’t let you drown in your own self conflicted abyss
It won’t let people take away the sanity you have
It won’t allow the world to play with your vulnerability

And the order was sent already
*Work in progress!
Amaya Bhavya Oct 2016
We just have a few months to go
a few more juvenile fights to handle
a few more days of sneaking out of the class
and for the first time
I don't want the bell to ring early

As each second passes
the dress seems to crease
the dust settles
layer by layer
fighting its way through
it's the last time I'd wear my favorite clothes

The pencils start to shorten
erasers still get stolen
those notebooks still have our chats
the green board carries your creativity
benches would be my favorite mini bed
I promised myself
as I lay my hands on it

My hippocampus reached near to full
lacrimal glands prepare itself
tongue waiting to utter words I never spoke
one last time
salivary glands would miss it recess job
coming from the ground
after playing in the sun
sudoriferous glands loved those strokes of light

I could hear the radiating, chirpy , & shuddering voices
coming from the corridor
happy faces, sad faces, frowned faces,crying faces
promising each other to stay in touch -
half lies
the emotional fools who believed it

I remember crying on my first day
as soon as I stepped
I felt like running away
who knew this would become my favorite destination?
Amaya Bhavya Nov 2015
Tears roll down my eyes
Every time I think of the memories we've left behind
From sharing all my messy thoughts to finding a girl for you
How hard this feeling caught me
Before I could free myself, I was into you
Going through those odd letters we wrote for each other
The times we spent ranting, I fell for you

Our friendship turned into something beautiful
Oblivious to the things taking place, you gave me a fairytale
Quite often I wondered if it's for real
But, you said that I deserved this

After spending all the happy time,
And giving me a box full of memoirs
You were gone
It was as if seasons are changing, rapidly
There's rain
Leaves are falling now
Flowers are blossoming then
I feel cold, I feel hot
I didn't know what to do

Who do I go to?
You were my best friend
And I lost you
Those three words ruined everything
Amaya Bhavya Aug 2015
Hunger without craving

Alcohol without intoxication

Drugs without addiction

Me without you
  Mar 2015 Amaya Bhavya
Lost at sea
Alone in my fears
Everyone has gone to bed early but I stay up for days on end
Tortured by day.
Solace is in the silence
That night brings
But it's dangerous or a
Woman to walk alone at night.
Funny how my genitals are an excuse
For everything I try to achieve
Cotton candy bubblegum
Doesn't fill my veins.
I am also not a closeted
Just because my face is pierced
And my hair is bright.
I am not an object.
I am not a thing to be taken.
A thing to poke at with sticks
To see if I bleed sweetness.
No one cares.
No one takes the time to look
At my face without noticing
My chest first.
I bleed the same as you
Please don't touch me
Get off my appearance.
Care for once.
Not about my looks but
The flesh and bone
You are prodding
With sticks.
I only have so much
Blood to show you.
Amaya Bhavya Mar 2015
One day you'll realise ,
I'm not the one who's vindictive,
They're my thoughts which are igniting.

One day you'll realise,
My short replies didn't mean that I had nothing to say,
I was just scared of my thoughts being judged.

One day you'll realise,
I wasn't really shy,
I was just afraid of opening up.

One day you'll realise,
All those mean messages which I had sent you,
I was double hurt while writing it..and I could have been more mean but, I loved you.

One day you'll realise,
I am rarest of the stars,
And by the time, I'll be gone.
Amaya Bhavya Feb 2015
They were right when they told me that you’ll leave.
You left.
We have had the best time together. At least I did. And now watching you go was difficult.
Maybe we could have tried.
Tried to make it work out.
But, you didn’t even give me a chance.
You left.
Come back!
I will shout.
I will throw away things.
I want you back.
Come back to me.
Don’t leave me like that and go..
You have seen me through all phases
You know how to handle me
I don’t know why I am doing this repetitive rant
But, but, but , please
I beg of you
Don’t go.
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