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“If you knew that
It was my last day
What would you say to me?”
I inquired.

“Do me a favor.
Give your last day to me
And take my life,”
She replied with a good f*cking smile on her face
That numbed my soul.

She still loves me
Way better than I had ever asked for!!!
life is a success
there are mistakes that make opportunities
and opportunities that makes mistakes
there are sad moments that are followed happiness
but don't take it to far because you can make a mess
don't stress

Life is a success
life is like a beautiful dress
it's a fancy purple vest

So create your life as good as you can like a nest
be good and the best
life is not a game
it is a dangerous test
don't be that person that tries to be the same
as other people, they even change your name

That is not how you get to the hall of fame
You are perfect with your unique frame

You're a success

If you ignore what other people think of you,
you are unique
and that is the best thing that you can be

— The End —