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Brandon Conway May 2019
Soma that seeps
like little creeks
off the edge
a tongue outstretched
wilted flower beds
that pretty head
arid to wetlands
Kevin Bennett Mar 2017
Here in the dark where rules don't exist
Gravity slips my wrist to your hips
And your kiss like Soma lay burned on my lips
Sudden a slight, subtle physical gesture
So foreign to think of it - only conjecture
Alluring, your posture bent into mine first

Unable to think, unable to breathe
Unable to reason rational reasons for such indulgence
So known was he to penitence
So unknown was this dream
And that, it was a dream
Cortisol surging, testosterone flowing, epinephrine...surely would split his mind at the seam, and end this cruel romantic dream

Soma to touch her
Soma to feel her
Nothing to know, and none left to sow
Soma to see her
Soma to hear her
When won't it last? When will it go?
Soma to think
Soma to dream
Forever unknowing
Forever I'll be
the dead bird Mar 2016
endless pacing
of these
subaquatic halls
almost catatonic
until I remember
how to think
and then
I cry

I should be

I was dead
free from this
until something -
the WAU -
brought me back
in it's skewed mission
to preserve humanity

the WAU
stitched me
back together
with its gel of life

hardly human
hardly conscious
but conscious enough
to hate what I am
and cry
over my own existence

I am half
half WAU
craving to ****
stumbles across
my path

in my habitual
through these corridoors
I see him

something else
who is aware
oh what I wouldn't
to have another
sentient creature
to curb my loneliness but-

the WAU
starts talking

**** him
he doesn't want you
to exist
he will
prevent you
from being with me
you need me
we need each other
he wants to end us
to end
he must be
for the sake of

find him
chase him
**** HIM

in my pursuit
of the sentient
diving suit
I recognize
his fear
and my humanity
comes back to me
and I weep

he is
so afraid
of who I am
the Frankenstein
the predator
seeking prey
I cry
because this
is who I am
I cry
because I don't want
to hurt him
I cry
because I am

constantly torn
between animalistic
and the
self aware
of realizing what I am

I want someone
to hold me
and make me feel
I don't want
any conscious creature
to get near me

for the WAU
is controlling
the strings of this puppet
it is the reason
I exist
it gives me the
I need and crave
to keep on
hating my own existence
it will make me
anything that crosses my path

I think
and I weep
one of the enemies in the video game SOMA that really stuck with me. wrote it from her perspective. if you haven't played or heard of the game this won't make any sense to you, so ignore it lol
Alessander Mar 2016
I want you to close your eyes
Hand over breast
Until your palm thumps

What you feel transfigures the physical
What we have transcends the sultry soma
Or random tactile sensation

I want you to close your eyes
Listen to my ripe breath
Inhale my low voice

It is like a hymn
It is true because while it whisks
Through your ear
It blossoms in your heart

Let it reverberate through those midnight gardens
You deny yourself among the slobbering masses

Groping you like raw meat
Pounding, slicing and packaging you
Like clumsy butchers

You are not a bleeding slab to me
Though I cherish that animal
Which temporarily houses your light

It is that radiance which warms my loveless bones
Which illuminates my dreamless skull

Distance only magnifies our effulgence
We are insects below it, scrambling

Let us immolate together beneath its searing heat
Until the facades of flesh melt
And we are left as **** as shadows
Aching for an unremitting bliss
As always, anything that comes to mind
Ronjoy Brahma Feb 2016
बयबो रंजानायनि गेजेराव
आं रंजागोन---
दुखुखौ दोनगोन आं
नुयै बबेबा आन्दो खनायाव
संसार मानसिनि गेजेराव
बिखासे बिखा अननाय लानानै
अननायखौ होगोन आं---
थांना थानायनि रायजोआव
जुब जुब अखा फैथोँ
बै समा फैयोब्ला
रंजासुला मिथिँगानि रायजोआव
बयबो रंजानाय जायोब्ला
जिउनि बारग्लांनाय रैरुब
मुलुगनि रंगिना बिबार बारियाव
देलाइनाय जाथोँ मिथिँगानि
गोथां बाथ'गां दखनाजोँ
गोजोँ मिनिनाय निजोरानि
अखोरांसे गुवार अननाय
जाथोँ खुदुमनाय सिदोब सिदोब
गेवलांनाय गोदान बोसोर
समायना सिखिरिनि बिरबायनाय
जायोब्ला मोदोमनाय बिबारनि
हालि हालि बारग्लांनाय बिनि---
मेथाइ रोजाबथोँ दाउसिन
बिफां-लाइफांनि मोसानाय
बेजों गोजोन बारा थाबायबोथोँ
औवा बिजौआ सिफुं दामनानै
दैमा-दैसा बोहैनायजोँ
दाउबोथोँ हालि हालि ना
बेजोँ फैथोँ गोदान बोसोर---
बिफां-बेन्दोँनि रोदोमनायजोँ
AnnaMarie Jenema Nov 2015
'Awaken my creation'
A gentle whisper that resounds in a fog of dreams.
Slowly my heavy eyes open,
adjusting to the light.
Sitting in a chair I see another across from me.
'Is that Me?'
I wonder, unable to be sure.
Their eyes open too,
taking me in,
unsure what is reality.
Is this another dream?
"Who are you?"
Our voices call out in unison.
I stand up from this metal seat,
walking around the room.
"Where are we?"
Another voice joins mine.
"Where ..."
A nearby mirror confirms our fears.
"I am you."
"and I am you."
A body no longer human,
we are confined in suits of iron.
Our faces are comprised of nothing but a screen.
My eyes I sworn had open,
"Was that only an illusion?"
"Our memories?"
"Do we share them the same?"
Our past was one and the same,
copies of each other.
"Who is the original?"
Are we truly the same,
or one who became two new beings?
And what of humanity?
Who all is left,
our family,
our friends?
Are they out there,
do they exist,
or are they nothing but copies,
left to rot just above the ocean floor?
I love the youtuber Markiplier, and after watching Soma I wanted to write something. If your mind was copied, is it still you, or something else. Are you still human, or now machine?
The moon, just now
is a cradle full of milk
pouring sweet glowing soma
into our drowsy hearts
rocking us so deeply into sleep
and the gentlest of visionary dreams
©Elisa Maria Argiro

— The End —