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ten minutes with rose
is peace in law that decompose
on this wanton map of ****** attire
and really unites her with paleontology
in this neighborhood of livelihood mire
this mAiden mirror inure rApture
and this satire in my seance
that wood a lawyer mesh
a note on longing
RLG Mar 2017
A light-dappled square,
Buzzing like the
Center of the universe.
Flat-capped Frenchman
Strut like mid-century
Movie stars.
Cigars flaunt from
Languid fingers.
Serious facades mask
Red-blooded kinship.
They wait their turn to
To flick, to spin, to thud
Their steel onto
Provençal terrain.
What a life. What a game.
Title translated: Petanque Life.

Pétanque is a form of boules where the goal is to toss or roll hollow steel ***** as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (literally "piglet") or jack, while standing inside a circle with both feet on the ground.
MindsPalace May 2016
Life seems to
At moments in time, But never does it do so for more
Than a chime.
The holidays, birthdays, vacations Are fun; all nice and good, but
So fast they are done. These
Moments in between are Endlessly Long,
Where life stays dark and without Any song. I need some light, some
Real happiness, I need Some joy that keeps me in
Bliss. But Life doesn’t deal any hands like that, and in
The darkness
                                                   ­                                                            All alone
I sat.
                  Then came a lantern, Slowly, Pursuing,
It never gave up, it never stopped searching, it
Reached for my Inner soul And gave me an urging.
An urging of Trust, an urging of
Kinship, a start of
Respect, a glimpse of
Friendship. It truly
Cared and it Ignored my faults, no judging
Or hating, It should have left fast, but it didn’t.
It cared, and it gave. If my life was not then better, what
Yet Did I lack? With friends Loving like that.
Troubles are real and can’t be erased, but I’m still
Alive, for in
I’m Encased.
They are all I want and they’re perfect To me. Every day my friends are all
I want to see. A Hope, a light,
A Haven
That could never be more appreciated, they could never be
Replaced, or ever be Faded. I love this light; I do my best to be
A light back and give someone a rest from
Their own daily struggles.
Thank you My friend,
For being
And a Light
To me.
Your light
Shines on, so
Strong, My friend,
Shine on.
Nabs May 2016
We met on the axis of two different parallels
a paradox too taboo to be whispered
gone in a blink of an eye
and yet exist in a sea of desperation

You were gone in the next exhale
and I too follow suit
unacknowlegding of the fact
that we both wear the same existance

Do you remember that story?
how prometheus got chained,
his liver pecked every dawn
because he showed kindness?

We both atone for sins not of our own
but would glady drown in our exile
because it was better than the stale pit
those people call life

This were the worlds we condemned
ourself to be with
two people, who knows
but is bound by our vow to be blind

Winter in my home was always beautiful
how pristine the snow is
until you dig up the corpse
under our fingernails

Just like the summer in your home
where the plants are growing
from the river of blood
that run beneath

You are soot stained, cold eyes
but your hands are warm

They were always warm,
and i wonder if it was because
of the blood that stained your hands

You use your spine as a spear
I use my ribcage as a shield
those tear tracks have died
and there is both spite in our eyes

We never touched, except for that first time
never shared anything except understanding
i do not know your story,
nor do you know mine

but it was more than enough

We both met at the axis of a parallel
created out of the resonance
of the guilt and the war and
everything in between
and we met with a touch of kindness
Character poem
K Balachandran Feb 2016
A tailor bird, though busy wanted to stitch the best
of clothes for me to wear , in a fair, getting nearer,
so thankful, I was, though it'd hardly fit a man
of my size, I bow my head, overwhelming is her love!

The swift, I always admire for her speed, promises
to take me for an arial tour, 100 km an hour, no less
all 148gm, of love is she !though I appreciate that,hardy can
I fly with this tiny parcel of energy, many a kin whose love
again is hard to reciprocate, unless I realize we all are one.
"Wildest dreams"-Taylor Swift
Many birds, closer to heart; remember the unconditional love received with a brimming heart..
PJ Poesy Dec 2015
Stomped earth with broad feet
Fastening fresh saplings into
Whole forests
Eight feet by eight feet, the grid
Through winter month's
To early spring
Line of tree planters, twenty
Sometimes less, sometimes more
On Shasta, on Lassen, on Trinity Alps
Douglas Firs and Ponderosa Pines
In Mendocino, in Eureka
Planting baby giants, Redwoods
Sequoias in Sequoia National and Klamath
Young men with ***-dads
Knew some old ones too
Women as well, though few
If you could bear the snow, the rain
If you could bear back-breaking pain
The glory is yours
As was once mine
Go plant your line
To be eternally in
Mother Nature's good graces
And kinship known by campfire
In my early twenties, I worked in reforestation. Though weathering most inclement days, as saplings must be planted in the wet season, it was a most fulfilling time in my life. I planted whole forests all over Northern California. The men and women I worked with were so deeply dedicated, and all pulled together to make camping out in that brutal weather tolerable. Some of my best memories are there in those young forests. I often wonder how those thousands of trees I planted, fair today.
Dave Martsolf May 2015
let’s go back a
hundred-thousand years

to these ragged edges
torn rains
raw greens
biting seas

to the first sunrise,
now understood.
tears of calm joy –

a return.

we find ourselves
in this,
a kinship;
our brother is
our keeper,
and we
its’ guardian,
walk the edges
and the smooths;
our planet,
Earth’s children
all i sense is alliance
and all i feel is friendship
all i love is likeness
because an alliance is a kinship
and all i hate is hostile
all that weighs me is war
and all i can't stand is cruelness
i dont know what it's for
it feels better to pass the fist then hurt yourself swinging
Graff1980 Mar 2015
We are not soldiers
But for every heart
That breaks yonder
Tears falling
Feeling loss
There are my brothers

For every mother
Aching with the pain
Of deprivation
Of sorrow for child’s loss
For anguish in imagined failure
To care for her kin
There is my sister

For every ounce of sand
Seedling buried in the earth
There is my mother

And for every shame birthed
That I took pleasure to learn from
In my labors and my leisure
There is my father

For everything
That is part of one
Whilst separate part of none
Riddles and riff raff
There am I
Related to everyone and everything
That grows green
Walks, crawls, slithers, or swims
Rots, falls, and withers
Therein all glory lye my kin
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