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kevin wright Dec 2021
The tree of peace and happiness
Upon each branch hangs our wishes
For it's sacrifice, gifts emblazoned

Baubles cascading through the Fairies trail of lights
Crowned by your protective Angel
Who welcomes all those...who look on

Will you sacrifice something this time of year
There is space below your own tree of friendship
Don't leave it too late
My second poem about the Christmas tree
Peculiar Nov 2019
When i am within your presence i feel completed
Perhaps due to meeting in a previous life?
For the connection we have i cannot comprehend,
As to how similar you and i are...

Thus, as we delve into conversations
Thy inner vibrations that seep into my aura radiate outwards,
Allowing the both of us to reach limitless possibilities
To the Tides with it!
Thee lets down the bridges thy has built within to free these vibrations
But note,
O' friend or foe? Nay! This is not a declaration of romanticism
But rather a note of what i observe of our friendship?
For the innocent jokes, slight smiles and full cries have the biggest impact!
O' do ye not see?

Hence, i ask of you one thing!
To have patience with such a being like me for i am only human,
To grow with me as we both develop into reality,
To remember the feeling you have whenever we see each other.

Dear friend or foe?
When we distance i feel incomplete
Perhaps due to you passing away in a previous life and leaving me behind?
For the connection we had creeps upon me within the night,
Reminding me as to how similar you and i once were
Alex Salazar Oct 2019
I found you,
In a cavernous room holding onto a single ember.
You were small white and so delicate, Lost in the dark.
An unwanted man, left to drink a vile concoction.
One of duplicitous bitterness and maniacal laughter.
Those were days without pause,  
All in an attempt to effect a wordless reconciliation.

Take a knee,
You hold on,
And breathe.
You can dream in color now
Your guise,
chiseled of sprit
Will endure.
Your love,
Will replenish.
Poetic T Nov 2018
Friend zone hardships,
never seeing through the eyes
that gaze with admiration
that you where always there.

                But never in the place

A side line referee, holding hands
             but giving red cards to those
             who foul up her heart with tears.

Lovers will *** and go, but a friendship
                     of mutual feelings that's never going
                                                              to be  strained.

As this is one place they'll stay, for love is endless.
                              When the friendzone is sat upon,
                                           its just a different respect.

Never wavering over time,
                     you'll always have one another's back,  
                     no matter the others pain your always friends.
Anya Sep 2018
One would opt for ****** Doo and Agatha Christy
The other for cheesy romance Asian dramas and light novels
One would rather be building the sets
The other, on the stage
One cares nothing at all for other’s thoughts
The other cares too much
One wants to be a police woman
The other simply cannot choose
It shouldn’t be possible
Yet it is
And perhaps, it is their extreme differences that bring them together
That keeps them from clashing
Maybe something in their respective personalities finds solace in the other
Whatever the case
They are best friends
I hate that I have this feeling
A residency in my chest
Filled by an unexpected guest
That I cannot confess
Outside of subtle hints
Of what haunts nearly every thought
At least for a time
Until it is right

I keep that photo close
A rare moment
Probably so common
For people accepted
Maybe that's all it really is
What I actually feel
Just being a part of a family

The truth is rather a mess
I know I shouldn't feel like this
But this is still the case
The place in my heart
Will always be there
In hopes that the soulful eyes
Will meet mine
To hold the heart
Like I owed when we part
I miss it greatly
To which I will keep to my vow
To do what I can
So it will always be there

The doors will always be open
The windows even cracked
If time allows it to happen
She will always have a way in

On the off chance the heart sees better
What my eyes cannot
And its childish wish
For this
Is granted by reality
I hope that they can see
What it is that nearly blinds me

A pure heavenly light in the darkness
The reason for the battle to greatness
To rest in the valleys
Seeding rose gardens with possibilities
Of the future past the expectations
Promised by the angels
Given that I followed the order
To push through and fight for the masses
That couldn't take the battles on their own
To bring about a world those people can feel safe in

That is what she brings out in me
A sense of purpose in this life
I had forgotten I had
In a time of hardship
Even if the wishes I cast never fulfill
The truth is I love her still
And see she was simply meant
To revive the part of me that died

I have to accept that may simply be the case
As anything more may simply be fantasy
As for now I cannot be anything more to her
Than a watchful overseer and friend
Poetic T Aug 2017
Fondness for another,
      loved for its individuality.

Never moaning, complaining...

But nevertheless cold and unmoved.

My pet rock, my friend and guardian
against those who would do us harm.
RLG Mar 2017
A light-dappled square,
Buzzing like the
Center of the universe.
Flat-capped Frenchman
Strut like mid-century
Movie stars.
Cigars flaunt from
Languid fingers.
Serious facades mask
Red-blooded kinship.
They wait their turn to
To flick, to spin, to thud
Their steel onto
Provençal terrain.
What a life. What a game.
Title translated: Petanque Life.

Pétanque is a form of boules where the goal is to toss or roll hollow steel ***** as close as possible to a small wooden ball called a cochonnet (literally "piglet") or jack, while standing inside a circle with both feet on the ground.
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