Julie Smith Aug 2017
Look what you made me do
I've had to kill myself and you
You called me up out of the blue
But I had to hang up and pass you through

And all because you told me you'd be mine
But it's been quite a year after all this time
And baby, I know we could still be fine
But Darling, first I'll make you wait in line

I'll wait till you beg me to answer your call
Unlike her I can deal with the fall
And the silence that chokes me like a wall
So be ready when I turn up at the ball
Written on Saturday.
Inspired by Taylor Swift's new song "What you made me do".
This could be the second to last poem in my Part IV.
Julie Smith Aug 2017
I'm clapping my hands, congrats to you
Seems like you don't see that you're making a fool
Out of the beautiful boy I once knew

You're such a cheater, a liar, a schemer
She's your new toy, you couldn't be meaner
And her distasteful bikini couldn't be greener

Where did you lose all your dignity
Did she steal it and replace it with stupidity?
Whatever you need for publicity

I've never before seen a disgrace of such
Hypocrisy and double Dutch
But baby, flirts on the beach don't last much
Written just now. What a SHOW
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