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selina Feb 28
my mom called, i cried by the dhall, on facetime
been thinking about how lucky we are to be alive
even if to deal with mornings and swollen eyes
even if dad's always on the night shift, even with
this big rift caused by the distance and the lack of time
just because we made out once doesn't mean you're mine
i got glimpses of a pink top, my blanket of a jacket
i bet it would look classier if you were wearing it
but you're distant and cold and partying is getting old
i'm forever out of polaroid film and cheap distractions
so i took an amtrak home, straight from south station
the flight back to boston was short but still exhausting
and when i walk home alone, the silence is unsettling
seems we're both better than i thought at method acting
so much happened in this short time
Anais Vionet Sep 2023
perroquet avenue lips
poems and polaroids
protected by vickies
cleavite libertinism
third base
strobe-lit memories

perroquet = a delicious, minty French alcoholic drink
avenue = a shade of deeply red lipstick
vickies = victoria's secrets
cleavite = untanned areas usually covered by a bathing suit, and thus pale
third base = come ON, everyone knows
Shagun Aug 2020
The morning sun was bright
The blue sky
I built my kingdom in one night
The glass can shatter
You understood
But it didn’t matter
My carriage of clouds
As lightly as ever
Drove me around
The confetti were everywhere
The child inside me giggled
I laid myself bare
Then my skin shone
You knew you were the one for me
Your eyes shown
I knew I was the one for you
We created a bubble
And maybe this time
It won’t crumble
You opened the door
I held your hand
And led you to the dance floor
The ball shone
And the light came through
Suddenly you were alone
Now you have the memories
Broken glass
For over centuries
Locked me away in polaroids
My letters hidden inside your books
But nothing filled the void
Now the world is burning down
One last kiss
You hope to see me around.
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2019
I need to stop comparing pictures of the present to polaroids of the past
Memories of first day we met to the reality of the last
I want a Polaroid camera soooo bad
Hollie Wilson Feb 2018
What do we really have in this world?

Apart from the handwritten letters,
the dusty polaroids capturing
memorable days long gone,
and out battle scars.

We have nothing much at all.

Because it all gets snatched away too soon.
Skaidrum Feb 2018

We look back to how
we orchestrated our love
in those polaroids.
Of the haiku series
v. "him"

© Copywrite Skaidrum
Brianna Aug 2017
Sleepy eyes hidden behind black and white covers-
Your arm covering your eyes but you're smiling with nothing but joy and laughter-
Coal Black hair and a 5- o'Clock  shadow covering your chin; I can almost feel the roughness against my face-
Our small, New York apartment, messy as always in the background-

"When did you stop dreaming in technicolor? When did you only focus on the black's and whites of life? She asked when he sat down in front of her- no smile, no joy.
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