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Amanda Dec 2019
I need to stop comparing pictures of the present to polaroids of the past
Memories of first day we met to the reality of the last
I want a Polaroid camera soooo bad
alec bacillus Sep 2018
in lambent glare, a frozen stare
at pictures bordered white

they held within two lovers' grins:
past moments of delight.

his icy rage made pale his face
as photos burned by night

catharsis reached, he felt the heat
and smiled at the light.
Hollie Wilson Feb 2018
What do we really have in this world?

Apart from the handwritten letters,
the dusty polaroids capturing
memorable days long gone,
and out battle scars.

We have nothing much at all.

Because it all gets snatched away too soon.
Skaidrum Feb 2018

We look back to how
we orchestrated our love
in those polaroids.
Of the haiku series
v. "him"

© Copywrite Skaidrum
Brianna Aug 2017
Sleepy eyes hidden behind black and white covers-
Your arm covering your eyes but you're smiling with nothing but joy and laughter-
Coal Black hair and a 5- o'Clock  shadow covering your chin; I can almost feel the roughness against my face-
Our small, New York apartment, messy as always in the background-

"When did you stop dreaming in technicolor? When did you only focus on the black's and whites of life? She asked when he sat down in front of her- no smile, no joy.
dixie krause Feb 2017
“smile,” she said.
“do a leap,” she said.
the flash didn’t once blind
the pupils that contained sorrow,
for she knew the polaroids
were to be burned in the fireplace
by Christmas.
and yet no splash of filter
could ever hide her smile of no reality.
Photographs that remind me of when you were happy,
Before the resentful hatred and depression takes over,
Cascading us downwards,
Cascading you further down than me,

Reach out lover,
For our hands are closer than once before,
If you tried, just once,
Maybe I could save you

And death comes without warning,
You only awake when it’s nighttime,
I don’t think you want to be seen at all anymore

So I’ll take the photographs and walk for miles,
For there was a time when you were at peace

But now you’re gone

— The End —