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Caitlin Oct 4
My desire was forbidden
The fruit on the tree
I was told that the fruit on that tree was too good to be eaten by someone like me
I reached up anyway and picked the forbidden fruit from that tree
I unapologetically bit into it to find out that it was so ******* sweet that I dropped to my knees and let the sensations to follow take over me
As its sweetness had casted a spell on my body people told me of its sin
I could never understand why what was so sweet to me could be considered bitter and rotten by those who claimed they only want what is best for me
Perhaps they are scared, and it has kept them from trying it
Perhaps I’ve known so much bitter that I had been dying to have it
Caitlin Oct 4
I am the snake shedding her skin
I am the tree, my leaves changing colours and falling to the ground
I am the wind changing in every direction
I am a flowing river that shares your reflection
I am ready now to no longer hurt
I am ready for this version of me to be burnt
Lost in a memory
In need of a remedy
The poison I pick is that of rebirth

The poison is bittersweet
I am reborn standing on my feet
Head high, heart strong
The sound of rebirth is the Goddesses well known song
Born again a new woman today
I vow to never be the woman I was yesterday
Caitlin Oct 4
In an instant you send my body into a fiery spell that burns me alive, your hand between my thighs, gentle touches.

You caress my body, soul and mind, watching me quiver with each touch from start to linger. Watching my eyes looking into yours deeper. Our souls joining together dancing in a timeless cosmic whirlwind of letting our guards down.
Caitlin Oct 4
Lips painted to adorn myself
Oil bath, I take care of myself
Satin sheets where I please myself
Ripened fruit to feed myself
I bloom like a flower and tease myself
I grasp the sheets and I free myself
This pleasure is mine, I’m here for myself
Caitlin Sep 27
If only daughter knew how much her mother loves her. If only mother knew how to express that to her.

If only daughter knew how much father loves her. If only he'd address that to her.

But father broke mothers’ heart in two with broken promises and bottle caps too.

A bottle for pleasure a bottle for pain, it wasn’t long before mother and father drank again.

There’s never any harm they said in just one or two. But daughter knew three and four were coming all too soon.

Daughter felt confused as to why mother would drink what split her parents in two. Would the bottle come between her and mother too?

Daughter couldn’t fathom how father could do this. The family unit daughter surely missed.

Father had been quite angry now for some time. Daughter didn’t know why he sometimes dulled her shine.

Mother was no longer sure what to do to keep her mind at peace. How would she fix the shattered heart that had broken first in two, then slowly piece by piece?

Daughter at times wondered the same, how could she make mothers heart whole again. But she lost hope for some time, had words stuck bouncing back and forth in her mind that she wanted to say so badly. She wanted to scream so loudly.

But her parents ears had been cut off by a blade of sorrow, anger and stress. Daughter began to quickly regress. Withdrawal. No binge would rid her of the pain at all, and now daughter is confused too. She often feels as if her only friends are her journal and the moon.

She tries to keep her darkness at bay, a mess at night, a peach by day. She is successful for a short time until the darkness she carried overpowered her shine and she knew this was not who she was supposed to be. How would she rediscover her divinity?

Long story short, she soul searched far and wide and began to forgive herself for letting the darkness inside.

Soon enough she forgave mother and father too and now she wishes that they knew how much she loves them too.
Caitlin Sep 27
While your eyes are closed, I trace your nose, while you’re fast asleep I sometimes gently weep because the beauty I see beneath the flesh I want to bask in with every breath I have until I take my last.

And when I do, I beg of you, trace my nose and bask in the beauty once contained by my flesh and remember it is you who knows it best. Never will it change. When you need me call my name and I'll be there, my dying promise, to you this I swear because my love for you is completely bare. Without boarders, without flesh.

Whenever wherever know that I’m already right there, my final resting place is not a casket below ground but in your heart I so admired. I’m already there.
For my twin flame

— The End —