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FJ Davis Oct 12
Coffee--a stark, dark elixir--
aptly made of and preparation for
the daily grind.
Gusblero Free May 24
Someone asked
Is this life real
If love doesn't come true?

Or the opposite question
Is this love real
If life does not find its form?

There are many people saying
Love may not always keep us together
But how can anyone say something that is not felt in yourself?

Then people run in a quiet circle
He saw the love he felt and that’s hurts
Because he feels love what isn’t felt

He saw his lover
Dance in the crowd
And it's like a dagger

It will be very simple if he can see a gap
Return to the past then dismiss the meeting story
When his lover was first met

But this can be wrong because he doesn't know too
Is a lover worthy being called a lover
When will it not be owned?

Next question how can bear your love
Until it suffered so much
Whereas once he can't say it?

We'll wash our hearts with coffee until they become the color of the swirling liquid earth.

They'll breathe in the aroma and anoint  themselves with the curls of richness
     Dancing an escape from the brim of the mugs.

We'll pray to the weathered hands that harvested the beans that even in the biting briskness and cowardly violence of this world
     We may become warm and hearty and nurturing      
          like that with which we fill our cups.
[Meaning] = The way we use language to convey [FEELINGS];
Words have [Meaning]
Creativity, Force, Power.etc;}

If(Poem() != [Creative]){
~query~ Is it poetry?}

/* There is no point in writing what is already written */

It's not what we want to say that matters because the FEELINGS we experience in our lives have been felt before. It's trying to express those feelings, and share them with others in a new way.

Ok, so this might be a weird one... I was a computer science major for about a year before I decided it wasn't really for me. Also, this weeks challenge in the poetry discord I'm a member of was, "Write an avant-garde poem." So I suppose this is the baby of both of those things. If you are interested in the discord here's the link.

As always critiques or comment's are very appreciated!
Vexren4000 Jul 2017
Java scripts,
And cups of coffee,
Caffeine flowing like scripts on pages,
Making the man in the cubical,
Capable of dragging through another day,
At the office.  
Just another day,
In the life of an American man.

Mrs Robota Dec 2016
I know a boy
With eyes like mine
He is breathtaking, refreshing like the ocean
When the tide comes in
He is extraordinary, radiant like fields of amber
When the harvest begins

I know a boy
Who loves Java as much as I do
My favorite pass time is when we’re coding
He is teaching me theories
We’re experimenting
Seeing what works best
Efficient, Effective solutions  
We’re engineering the simplest algorithms
It’s a practical approach
And it’s all his fault
It’s the best **** thing

I know a boy
He knows me better than I know myself
He understand the explanations I cannot give
The result isn’t a misunderstanding
I don’t have to scream, but I want to
I want to argue with him
Even though I’m running out of air
My face is about to break
My heart is about to explode
And my mind is moving a mile a minute
But when the war is done
In the silence I find familiarity  
I’m falling asleep to affectionate lullabies
I’m waking up to inside jokes
This warmth has me leaking like a faucet
And it’s all his fault
It’s the best **** thing

I know a boy
He blows my mind
The conversations are weird
Slow and Sweet
Anxious and Calm
I’m rambling without a filter
Swearing and Laughing
I just want time to stop
Just hit the pause for a moment
So I can memorize the moment  
Save the conversation
So we can live it together later
And it’s all his fault
It’s the best **** thing

I know a boy
With eyes like mine
And it’s the best **** thing
I wrote this for my friend.
Alan W Jankowski Feb 2016
She’s hot and wet when she greets me in the morning,
I know of no better way to wake up.
And when I need her she is always there,
She fills my loving cup.

It is an affair that has been going on for years,
And she will continue to comfort when I’m old.
When I am down she perks me up,
She warms me when I am cold.

Dark and bold she comes to me,
More beautiful than any sunrise.
Like a gypsy with her magic charms,
She has the power to open tired eyes.

Though some folks may criticize her,
Pointing out her mother’s a Columbian nut.
And yes, those South Americans are a bit hot-blooded,
But I just smile and say “So what?”

For coffee and I are partners in life,
From her I will never stray.
And should anyone try to get between us,
They will surely rue the day.

I believe that more than a few here can relate to this one...
In this hollow space
I hold before the rising sun
In duty the greys will fade
as the sky shifts into it's run
I hold the hallowed word
and embrace it's lifeless eyes
Looking for a pulse
but there is none in it's disguise

Before the song comes tolled
by the early morning bird
The poet twists agony
seeking out a perfect word
The hollow echo of love's dust
is knocking at the door
Your hearts a cenotaph screaming out
Please ! Let there be no more !

The sun's rising red as an
evil eye of dread
Cold sweat is dripping now
from the brow of you head
The night's effort lies
at the bottom of the pool
All of your creations
make you look just like a fool

Now the rays of light
penetrate my aching head
This hollow empty feeling
compares to being dead
I toss my papers
halfway  across the room
The all but hallowed
are replaced now by the gloom

Every night tastes cold coffee
leaves you feeling grim
The half eaten papers
where the ink has run on thin
My emotions have all turned to lead
it's my time to go to bed
The midnight's voice is screaming
like a nightmare that hasn't been fed
writing poetry at night
Gabby Aquino Dec 2014
Every morning is a struggle
feeling miserable
That is until I turn things on
hot and heavy
The feeling of excitement
A smile under my face
I'm so aroused
It gets hotter
It gets more steamy
The ******, it's done
My day can start
All thanks to my love who
makes me whole
My coffee.
import becker.robots;
import becker.reggae;

public class ReggaeBoy extends Robot{

public ReggaeBoy(City c, int s, int a, Direction d, String label){
this­.setLabel("Reggae Boy");

public void bunUp(){

public void playReggae(int songNumber){
String musicFile = ("bobM.mp3,herbs.mp3,reggaeTime.mp3");
String[] musicFileSplit = musicFile.split(",");
reggae in code
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