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Gusblero Free Apr 2017
in meditation
above your eyelashes

in fingers
I scooped from the meadow
of your fertile valleys

outside the house
drizzle was so down
because love without words
claimed the crown
who grew up on the sidelines of your grasses
Gusblero Free Apr 2017
Sky blue, blue sky
Even when the spine to spine feels there is inseparable
between the fog in the mountains and the dew on the foliage
We split up looking for direction, and in the rice fields I saw hands waving
"Come here, honey," so you say
Above the mountains Helicopters hovering with banners waving
"Didn't you wanna see the city?" written on it

That man slammed the shadow of the sun glare
There is a desired but never found
There are left and should be interpreted as its own
The purest

December 19, 2014
Gusblero Free Mar 2017
a cup of coffee in the morning may not satisfy
but here I can see the future for the sake of passing so quiet
my night beaten messy nightmare
in three sips I spend

then that's how I like coffee
Kofein, nicotine, it's all old acquaintances faithful
with which I drank in the serenity
while imagining virtual face in a cloud of smoke
your face!

Coffee is always with me ...

May 6, 2011
#coffe #faithful #serenity #always #imagining

— The End —