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Chelsea May 31
I never really hated it

In fact, my first conscious thought of it
Was that

It was kinder to me
Than some of my peers

Not in the way
I would learn that to be

Just that
Yes, I had a pimple
or two

But for the most part
My skin stayed kind to me
Stayed smooth

My skin was different though
From my sister's skin
Who was alabaster pale

I thought she was so beautiful
With her snow white skin
and ice blue eyes

And, my God I was so jealous
Of what seemed to be her win
In the genetic lottery

But still
I always felt... something important
About my place in the sun

Her skin burned
When mine bronzed
Her blue eyes squinted
When my brown eyes opened

I understand the consequences of conventional beauty

I'm glad that I can simmer and see

She's always hated the beach
And I've always been pulled
To the sea

Because she is so beautiful
With her ivory skin and sky blue eyes

But I never feel more alive
Sun-soaked and covered in sand
Long, sun-bleached hair
Dried curly with salt


TyeniWrites May 25
A glance at her face is all it takes
Can ruin her entire day
Everyday she feels ugly
Slowly killing her inside
Dear God a clear skin,she begged
She just wants to feel pretty
X May 11
If my words are remembered
That’s all I need
Fame and money are ideals created by the insecure
So away the malice, envy and greed
Cause on this side the sun shines even when the trees hide your beauty
Soothing breeze leaves one to wonder if in fact life is meant to be an ongoing trend of aloofness
But aloof I’ll be
And when the breeze blows me away I hope my words are all you need
Or maybe fame and money aren’t too bad after all
Maybe that way my words will be the roots to your happiness
I guess you can say I’m insecure
i feel naked yet i’m clothed
A poem from my book
Malikah Awan May 7
If only he'd notice me.
If only he'd look my way.
If only he'd look past my insecurities,
And be mine one day.
His beauty astounds me,
makes me think twice.
And when those gorgeous eyes meet mine,
It only makes me think thrice.
About why I bother,
When he's clearly hotter.
And worth more than the love of a dreaming girl.
tryhard May 6
i will need to learn
how to stop hurting
over the things
that i will never be

it is hard sometimes
for wounds to heal
when you keep
picking at them

and i am all wounds
and no scars
open and burning
festering with decay

i have tried so hard
to be the type
that is bright
and radiant with light

i never realized
how much i have ached
for something
that cannot be

a life that is spent
wasted on inadequacy
i will never learn
how to be worthy
feeling very inadequate so here's an inadequate poem to express how inadequate i feel
LightToBurn Apr 24
Lurking "smile-for-me" bullies
Mudslinging repose
a senryu
(similar to haiku)
Hello Daisies Apr 14
I used to cry alone
I used to beg on the floor
Desperately trying
Desperately seeking
For love
For comfort
Everyone walked away

But for Christmas
You gave me a shirt
But for new years
You gave me a kiss
On Valentine's day
You gave me a gift

You said it's nothing
You said I deserve more

You don't understand
How much it means to me
When you show me you care

When I cried on your couch
When I needed help
When I felt so alone

You gave me a hug
You gave me a kiss
You told me you cared
You stayed right there

I never had to beg
I never had to plead
I never had to sink so low
Or fall on my knees

Maybe you think you're not enough
But to me every little kiss
Every little hug
Means the entire world
And I never want to give you  up
Jason Adriel Apr 13
you've been hollow
sending me on the verge of sorrow
anticipating a better tomorrow

i write, and write, and write
and yet my feelings just fight
all the way through the night

they bicker
they thrash

they fall apart
soon to follow my heart.
vonny Apr 13
she is wonderful and has the voice of a queen

they are amazing and can speak with power

singing and talent and drawing and talent and acting and talent and writing and talent

talent talent talent

i have none of that special word

but she does

and they do

and that is enough

because she will protect me

and they will comfort me

and i am enough
tmw you have talented friends
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