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blazing soul Mar 2020
By the pleasure of the flesh and
By the the discharge of a dispersed fluid, a leech-like cloth was formed.
He was conceived in warmth void, delivered into a space betwixt paradise and hell in a night of oblivion, then baptised with all impurities of hell and paradise.
Impurities infringed from all baptism, the dominant one will determine the direction of his life...
We all have baggage
We all have hate
We All bleed red
Yet we all discriminate

We all have bodies
We all have a different color and size
Yet We have a "perfect" body
That we all buy

We don't all have money
We don't all have fame
Yet this is what we all base it off of
Your status or you name
The flood left a cavity.
It came in without mercy,
It removed and ripped what I held onto,
It took away what I loved,
But it's ironic that a flood of love removed all the love that I ever had.
The flood diluted it's impurities with my purities.
George Krokos Feb 2018
There's a genuine need for us all to look into our heart and mind
and **** out any impurities in there that we may probably find.
We were not at all born to live by deceit, enmity, hate and selfishness
or towards our fellow man act without compassion or thus transgress.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
augustine, what have you done to me?
i should feel wildfires without guilt
i should tremble on the cusp between
wishing i could be entirely consumed
and wishing i could erupt.
we should shiver without fear
of melting retribution.
god can hold the candle that drips
hot wax on my nape,
i don't believe they hate what they create.
augustine, you've made me unclean.
we spend hours smearing acid between two
bodies, don't we erode our impurities?
struggle between religion and human nature
Michaela Ferris Nov 2015
Who am I to ask you for the time of day?
When you look at me as if I am a wall of grey.
My insecurities are fuelled by that devastating look in your eyes
That rips my very being from existents.
For you see, I am not like you
I am the nothingness that creeps inside your head
And haunts your once pleasant dreams
Until you plead for death to take you in its icy grip.

Who am I to ask if you will stay by my side?
For I am one of those many lost souls
And my abandonment issues how I wish to blame you.
You deserted me but I know I am the one to blame.
For you see my mind does not work like yours
It corrupts even the purest of thoughts
Impales them with the purest of impurities
Suffocating them like the vines around the necks of the flowers.

Who am I to ask if love is a shout into the void?
I still tear out my heart with my bare hands.
I am lost inside a world where no one can see the truth
It’s always them, it’s always suffer you sufferings in silence.
For you see they do not understand what it’s like
To be lost inside your own rotting head
Scared of the monsters under your bed, now they are inside your head.
No one cares if you ended up dead.

So please answer me, who am I to ask for your hand?
When you do not see me they way you should.
You see a feeble, weak, broken girl
Who’s too far gone to be saved.
For you see I am none of your concern
But that is where you are wrong.
I am a mother, a daughter, a farther, a son, a friend, family
I am everywhere, so please don’t turn your back on me!

— The End —