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Mica Kluge Apr 18
If you'll be the moon,
I will play the sea.
Wherever you go,
Love, call back to me.
It’s not about the leaving; it’s about the coming back. 4/17/2020.
Mica Kluge Apr 2019
I have found,
You can endure anything,
If you have to.

At first,
You think that you can’t make it until the next minute,
The next minute is upon you,
            then the next,
                     and the next.

At an agonizingly slow rate,
Those minutes will turn into years.

This is how you survive.
Mica Kluge Sep 2018
We are so quick to blame the familiar.
Once fault is laid,
then the matter may as well be settled,
and it becomes someone else’s responsibility
to atone for our faults.
After all, there is nothing so unfamiliar to a man
as his own self.
This didn't actually begin its life as a poem; it was an excerpt from a novel I'm working on.
Mica Kluge Sep 2018
Growing old is gracefully (or not)
accepting the passage of time.
Generally speaking,
you have no choice.

Growing up is being slapped
in the face with the understanding
that you must be the hero
you have been waiting on
your entire life.

Growing up and growing old -
there's a difference,
but both will break your heart.
For those of you who don't know me well, three of my favorite movies are Treasure Planet, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, and How to Train Your Dragon. The movies are very different in plot, so it took me a long time to figure out why I loved them so much (especially when I consider myself a bit old for most animated movies). I realized that the common thread is that, in each of these movies, the protagonists were looking for approval and a hero in those around one, and not finding one. So they decided to become their own hero. It was never really a conscious decision, but more of being pushed to the point in life where they realized that no one was going to save them and what they loved; they were going to have to fight for it. Having recently been pushed to that point in life, I understand and love these movies all the more. Rant over.
Mica Kluge Jun 2018
If I ever to do anything to excess,
I hope that it will be kindness
And not its antithesis.
I may only be human, but while I'm stuck doing that, I intend to do a decent job of it.
Mica Kluge Jun 2018
You wonder why you feel chained to your life - trapped in your circumstances. You just want to go, and you don’t know why.

I know why. The answer is easy when you’re not the question.

It’s because something long ago and far away has gotten its roots into your bones and you know - you just know - it will never let go.
Mica Kluge Mar 2018
The struggle
of being
a modern day prophet
is that you are ******
to see all of the things
that others can’t
and you can never
explain them
to anyone else
so no one else
why you’re so sad.
Mildly mythological. In loving memory of some desperate souls who have gone before me.
Mica Kluge Feb 2018
If life is a war,
Remind me again which side
I am fighting for.
Mica Kluge Apr 2017
In loving memory of Kurtz's last disciple:

Welcome to the circus,
A three-ringed show in
The center of the dark.
In our multifoliate arrogance,
We seek out a familiar face
And forget to turn on the light.
Fumbling by touch,
Grasping at straws,
When faced with the truth,
We crave the lie instead.
Each and every one of us
The architects of our own catastrophe.
Inspired by yet another reading of Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.
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