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Simran pawar Jun 2020
I'll send my words
That you know me more

And I'll send my thoughts
To heal your heart....
Zack Ripley Mar 2020
I'm not here for the silver and gold.
I am here to find somebody to hold.
Someone to wrap their arms around me tight
And make me forget it's a cold winter night.
It's been ten years since you stole my heart.
Now look where we are.
We've come so far from the start.
As you lie with me, watching the fire glow,
I still can't believe I'm the one that you chose.
We were friends in a small town,
Then we became something more.
I can't believe i never knew it was you I was waiting for.
We were friends in a small town,
Then you said "I do."
Because of you, I believe that dreams can come true.
Alja Dec 2019
Some don't know if your eyes are green or blue
I do
Some do not dream of you
I do
Some do not love you
But I do
Gulishta Nov 2019
Someone asked me today ...
       Do you even remember what it's like to fall in love that early in your life.?...
       "you were just a kid with out of reach dreams ...with an innocence about life that only be stolen with coming years and experience ".
       Do you even remember??

I actually don't remember. ..
     When you turn into my home?...
      When I first started noticing you?...
       When you become the core to my existence? ..
         When you stood out among the rest?
I don't remember. ..
         When or why I started craving the arguments we used to have?
          When you became the highlight of the day?
          Why I always went back to you?.
          When you became the centre of my gravity?.
I don't remember. ..

I just remember. ..
    That we used to live across the street from each other.
    That I grew up in your family as a member.
     That you were an aloof personality.
     That once I called you an arrogant with hostility.

I remember. ..
     Crying my eyes out on your shoulder. ..when the world was closing down.
I remember. ..
     Being surprised by your fierceness and the strength of your arms.
I remember. ..
     You pulling me upward and keeping me together...when my heart's about to gave out.
I remember. ..
    Losing myself but finding you in the end.
I remember. ..
    Being crazy scared about your reaction when I found the courage to confess.
I remember. ..
    Coming home when you said yes.
Ahh...when I was kid I used to think that its such a cliché when people say that they wanna go back in their lives and live childhood again..
Now I'm the walking talking prime example of that...
Some days are good ....some are fluctuate with the wavelength of the motion set inside my heart. .
Janine Jacobs Aug 2019
Our friendship caught fire
and soon our roots intertwined
We wrapped our arms around each other
Filling the empty spaces once there

We held each other’s hands for years
and from today, for a lifetime more
Ever since your heart laid onto my soul
I knew that you are beautiful
I take you as you are
and will love who you are yet to become

I will choose you again and again
at the start and finish of each day,
each season, each year
I will choose you through our struggles and successes
and all the mountains left to climb
I will love you into oblivion
and we will tremble as we feel it

You are everything I never knew I needed
You are the question
I never knew I wanted answered
The question was love
and your answer was  “I Do!”
forestfaith Jun 2018
i know.
i know you have a crack on your face.
i know you have been hurt.
people probably said it was just part of life,
a phase.
but really, you knew better.
i knew better.
i could see beyond that mask of yours.
that mask of yours that's painted white.
with a smile. how polite.
i could see the dark spaces on your face.
how many secrets did you keep in there?
those secrets they are killing you in the inside.
eating your life away.
slowly, you fade away.
a facade masking your despair.
no one seems to care.
i know.
i do.
and many others too.
i guess we have to raise the awareness of depression and many other things that are just horrible and its killing people in the inside that is leading then to express it on the outside.
Brian McDonagh May 2018
If each half of the duo is to the other a “soul-mate”,
How can death separate
A bond between souls that are not susceptible to biodegradation?
Tries to be proverbial, but I don't consider this original a proverb lol.
KDM Nov 2017
If the day comes, where all I can say is, "I do"
I'll silently be praying that I'm standing in front of you.
& if 26 letters fail to provide the words I wish to say,
I hope you realize I will love you, each & everyday.
I'll give you the sun, & the moon, & spoil you with stars.
I'd promise you infinity because time will always be ours.
If the day comes, where all I can say is, "I do",
Please know without my words, that my heart only beats for you.
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