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Express the desire
Of what you're afraid to feel
Keep that considered
As you put it in a seal.

Hold your secrets
keep you at your best
Live what you love
Then go on a quest.

The journey you'll live
As you chase away your ghosts
The house of cards upturned.

You'll learn to stare down...
The haunted.

The love of insomnia
The lust for the night
You'll learn to face the demon
You've been trying to hide.

The face of the truth
The face of your dark side
Just a step ahead
As you open your mind.

The journey you'll live
As you chase away your ghosts
The house of cards shattered.
As you win ....
The stare down.
Gulishta May 14
Days and nights
All mend together
Live inside your brain
Free for the moment.

Bleak midwinter
Angry coloured sky
The Sun's constant struggle
How'd the day goes by.

Far beyond the view
A hope or a mirage
A fight against invisible
Hang in there...
We will see the sunshine.
Gulishta May 10
I wrote ...I erased...
I refined it....then wrote it again.

The words....of the memories....
Writing the soul....with different stories.

Calmed breathing...finally controlled...
Pulse under normal...then.... I let go.
Gulishta Apr 29
In the little things
I learn to ignore
All the words kept inside
Can't hold them anymore.

An image starts to form
A scene full of life
The pain buried deep
At the back of my mind.

Every step further
I'm losing hold on real life
A world form with words
An escape ..from the madness insight.

I'm surrounded in chaos
Tangled in told lies
But the beautiful picture behold
The beauty of outside.

I asked to look
Been always ignored
Now hidden in a cloak
I ask no more.

Been told to give
Didn't mention the take
An empty shell left
the pearl on the neck.

Standing my ground
Losing everything on it's wake
The truth of the beauty
When ugly comes on surface.

The image tainted
A scene with another take
The eyes showing emotions
The heart left taped.

I asked to look
Been always ignored
Now I demand to be seen
And I ask no more.
Gulishta Apr 25
As the doubt about
the worthiness
Of my own mind
starts to creep in
And I starts to
Judge my own blunt
When the only thing
Holding me back
From shattering
Into tiny little pieces
Is the small voice
In the back of my mind
Sounding awful
Similar to the words
Already spoken...
And the direct connect
That voice have
From my faith
To my soul
Is the thing
That helps me
Keep Finding
Something within me
To love again.
Gulishta Apr 17
On the sidewalk
As we bumped into each other
I saw a familiar face
In the face of a stranger.

The look of surprise
As we found a kindred spirit
A fleeting recognition left
Left me quiet reeling.

A face emerged
A face of my dreams
A trick of the light maybe
But the face I kept seeing.

A face with a secret smile
A face holding a joke inside
A face full of longing
A face as dear as mine.

But the time passed
Made a few mistakes
Then the face unveiled
A stranger... wearing the familiar face.

A face of a storm
A face I couldn't blame
A face filled with ugly
But ugly was on surface.

I stare for few minutes
In the hope of a recognition
I wanted to peel the mask
To see.. the face of my dreams again.

Instead I find
Few more of little surprise
The face I become afraid of
The face I no longer recognise.
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