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Gulishta Jan 14
      Futuristic mind set..
      Planning the next step.
In living inside tomorrow...
    Our today needs some help.
Gulishta Dec 2020
       A mirage of an existence
       Mediocrity being persistent.
      Crash landing on a pile of disappointment.

The walls built to protect,
The walls of sand castle.
The walls keep closing,
The walls becomes the world,

Putting up with empty values,
Dictation on every step.
The Barriers built to teach,
The Barriers meet amends.

Should've tried harder
Should've work for my existence
Should've told to mind their business
Should've built my own castle.

Cause the reason..
The reason I couldn't find myself
The reason I lost my breath
The reason concrete cemented
And castle turned to cage..

The reason my wings broke
The reason I forget to fly
The reason there's no ground beneath my feet...
And the reason is me.
Gulishta Dec 2020
With the verses
of muted songs
Grasping as you
Struggle to control.

Hold on tight
To your sanity
Working through
Your magic.

Wordly meaning
When the doubts
Starts creeping
The shadow among
Your light
You taught to let go.

Capture inside
let the scream out
Within the world
Or despair
You set me free.
Gulishta Dec 2020
It's crazy attractive to get away
                         With a perfect crime.
Slicing one's heart    
                         With a cold butter knife.

Frown or hide away
                        Behind a sinister smile.
Lure the prey with warmth
                       End it...with a perfect strike.
Gulishta Dec 2020
Only missing you
When the lights are out.

That kinda relation
Have you ever thought about?

One moment ....
       After another.
In this toxic.....
       Chemical reaction.

A constant...
        Tug of war
Is that what...
  You called a solution?

A memory lost...
    On an empty emotion.
A scar left behind...
     A serious need to question.

To hear the unsung...
    On the wavy flow of motion.
Struggle to contain within...
    Go ahead ...have a conversation.
Gulishta Dec 2020
An ugly descriptive hole
        People call them doors
I'll keep it wide open
    But won't ever cross the threshold.
Gulishta Dec 2020
Been a while
     Since my last write
           You moved me a little again
                  So let's give it another try!.

What a burden
        To uphold
              It's a door
                      We should just close.

On your way
      Back home
           Don't turn back
                  Please don't knock.
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