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The look on her face,
Told the story of her life.
The wrinkles on her cheeks,
The fine laugh lines.
The scrutiny in her gaze,
Her guarded smile.

The roughened hands,
Fingers having the needle holes.
A born nurture,
Patches of skin in knots.
Palms losing the soft touch,
But still filled with warmth.

The hard personality,
With the gentle core.
The protector in disguise,
The fierce fighter soul.

The reasons,
The practical world.
The emotions,
And the lesson learned.

The up and the downs,
The highs and around.
The fort of adventures,
She's the one holding the ground.

She laugh,   she cry.
She sing,    she fly.
She teach,    she smile.
She hurts,     she hides.
Gulishta May 12
Strength of your soul,
Is what keeps you going on.
It's easy to break the bones,
What's tough is to learn to keep on holding on.

Destiny is not something concrete,
You can mend it according to your will.
The hard work, the passion,
The habit of not taking a no for an answer.
You break it, start it over,
Keeping going at it,
Until,it is what you want it to be.

Luck plays a crucial role,
But I've seen people own it.
The power you possess within yourself,
No luck or Destiny have any weight over it.

So, stop accepting the crapy deals,
Stop saying it is what it is.
Stand up, pull your weight up.
Start making a new path,
You will have what you want,
Destiny or not.
Gulishta May 6
It was a mirage,
       A hallucination of my mind.
I was consumed by it,
       From out to inside.

Every step,
      An echo of the last.
Every move,
      Reflection from the past.

The dire sense of responsibility,
Not caring about faith or fidelity.

I sit on my bed,
     I think about you for ages.
I think about our shared past,
     The childhood, the youth.
I think about the present,
      Or the lack of it,if I'm being honest.
I think about the isolated despair,
      That we're currently living in.
I think about the non existing future.

And then,
Slowly. ...slower than slowly..
The world around me started to change.
The possibilities of the possibility is the reality in this world.
In here it went exactly according to the plan.
We didn't loose our innocence or the part our souls.
There wasn't any restrictions or boundaries.
There wasn't any walls between us,
    Didn't have to fight for security.

As world proceeded...
Chip by chip...brick by brick..
It all started to fall,
In this alternative reality..
We didn't knew the sadness. ..but we didn't knew the happiness. .
Everything important lost the lustre.
Every lesson forgotten. .
Every scar vanished...
We were now different personalities.
The bond weakens,
Submitting to the true nature.
You weren't the person I loved ...
I wasn't a person to be loved.

Which one was better?... In between two different realities..
That question remained unanswered.
Gulishta May 3
Keeping everyone at the arm length,
    Not trusting a soul.
This isolation you choose for yourself,
    Is it yours or someone else's fault?

A jaded heart,
     A broken trust.
          A love unfinished,
                And an unquenched thirst.

It hurts to love,
    More so to be loved.
           A race unending,
                  But finishing is must.

Trusting the instinct,
     No fear to be ashtray.
              Fighting the battle,
                     No shelter  ,   no escape.

A pilgrimage of your own,
          Don't need the rest.
                 Everyone left behind,
                       Turned to ashes or dust.

Is it really about?
        If you need someone or not.
You came alone in this world,
        You gonna go alone as well.
Gulishta May 2
Respect comes from inside
No fear can earn it
Prioritiesing is the way
To resolve the conflict
They say this is all
A game of certain
Rules and expectations
Are the proof of
One finding you their own.
Gulishta Apr 29
Don't change yourself for anyone,
When someone ask you to.
Don't let the hardships define you,
Cause scars are beautiful too.

The scars represents,
The battles you've conquered.
You've made sacrifices,
To make this a better world.

So what??...if you're not a cliché,
Don't hear!!..that you don't deserve.
It's all you could've done,
With the purpose that you serve.

Holding your head up high,
Walk with the pride.
Be the best version of yourself,
Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Changes are not always bad,
Sometimes they are wise.
Have the faith within yourself,
But also keep an open mind.

Test your limits,
But don't break the boundary.
The bird always come back home,
No matter how far he flee.

Not an ounce of uncertainty,
You've made a beautiful life.
Hold on to it with both hands,
I'll see you on the other side.
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