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Cal Ashiq Oct 2017
As I stare around the room wondering
I caught a glimpse of you my darling
You take my breath away with your smile and laughter
And in you it made me grow fonder

I'm but stupefied by your grace
And how I long for your embrace
You captivate me with your company
I'm glad our rendezvous was brought by destiny

Your voice removes all my burden
An angel of God sent from heaven
You remind me that there's still a beauty in this earth
That despite of everything somehow our life has a worth

I'm grateful to have you in my life
for you're like a ray of hope despite of every strife
I wish you'll see yourself the way that I do
I pray you'll find someone that will really love you

If  God so wills that I should be the one for you
I promise you true love from the day that we'll say "I do"
Do you know what it's like to date a boy for a month then his mom tells him to break up with you? I do
Do you know what it feels like to have your heart broken even more then you thought it would? I do
Do you know what it's like to have your ex say to you "I wanted to tell you right away but I waited to break up with you"? I do
Do you know what it feels like to have your best friend start dating your ex when you still love him? I do
Do you know what it's like to worry about going back to school and seeing them together dating and possibly kissing? I do
do you know what it feels like to have crying attacks and have your mom hug you and you can't stop crying because he hurt you so much? I do
Do you know what it's like to be scared to go back to school and be scared of seeing him? I do
Do you know what it's like to walk to your next class to find out he is in that class with you? I do
Do you know what it's like to stay in that class and pretend to be okay only to lie so you can leave because you can't be in the same room with him? I do
Do you know what it's like to run to find a teacher who knows about the problem after leaving the classroom about him being in the same class as you? I do
Do you know what it's like to breath heavy once you get out of the classroom and when you find a teacher you fumble with your words trying to explain only to burst out crying uncontrollably? I do

Do you know what it feels like to have a broken heart...... I do
UPDATE: i JUST learnt that his parents wanted him to break up with me because i'm AUTISTIC which is hypocritical because they have another son who is auticic like ***

yeah this happened and i'm one year older then him he is one grade lower then me and....... his mom is a ***** um my "friend" is like what two maybe three years older them him and his mom was like "your 15 your too young to be in a relationship" so she's NOT fine with me dating him but she;s fine with HER dating him ******* *******
Daniel Thorne Jun 2015
I'll be there for you, to the ends of the earth I'll go,
I'll find you when your lost, through storms and biting snow.

I'll help bring you closer, to The Father in the sky,
And I will always love you, even when you die.

When the light bulb's broken, I won't get another dwelling,
I'll just fix our hearts to shine again until with love they're swelling.

I love you over all the world, from the mountains to the seas,
From Earth to Heaven and back again through every deathly disease.

Thank you for always loving me, despite the uneven odds,
I know you're something special, your heart belongs to God.
Just a love poem. (I seem to be really good at this XD)
hsc Mar 2015
I don't know
Whether I love you,
Or just the idea of you.

I don't know
If the sun will still shine
Two days from now.

I don't know
How I do this
Every day.

I don't know
I think I do
But I don't.

I don't know
If I'll wake up
Tomorrow. Will I?

I don't know
If I will ever see you smile again
Will I?

I don't know
What would happen
If tomorrow never came.

I don't know
What I'm doing
But its got to do
With your name.

I don't know
If I do.
But I do
I do love you.
Pls give feed back. Just thought and typed .. Excuse all errors or nonsensical verses please !
a gale Aug 2014
It’s sad
because she wore a white dress
as she said goodbye to him
letting him go, finally.
When she should’ve worn
a white dress
as she was walking down the aisle
already practicing her I do.
It’s sad
because she paired it
with tears
that carried her crystalline pain
when she should’ve paired it
with her biggest smile
carrying her most genuine happiness
It’s sad
because she was ready
with her “I do”
But not with her
It’s just sad
because he could’ve said
his I do
But now,
he couldn’t even whisper
his goodbye.
He didn’t see her
in her white dress
and he was gone
before the happiest day
of their lives
before the day
he’s been waiting for
all his life.
It’s sad
that he’s gone forever
while she’s in her white dress
with the smallest hope
that this was only a dream.
And it’s simply tragic
that their story ended
before they even began
a new beginning.
That her white dress
is the closest thing
to what could’ve been.

*a. gale
I actually had this idea as a story, not a poem. But I was too lazy to even write a short story.
Dark Jewel May 2014
White-Gold rings,
Gleam brighter.
When you say,
"I do."

— The End —