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Alja Sep 2020
Dear ex crush,
when i see you I still blush.
My heart starts racing.
You're still on my mind.
Just like you never left.
Thank you for making me miserable.
Thank you for making me feel invisible.
Why you're always on my mind?
You're so unforgettable!
I'm falling for you again.
Alja Aug 2020
You are my drug...
I'm addicted to you...
I'm starting to lose my mind...
Letting myself be hurted again....
Alja Aug 2020


Alja Aug 2020
I am so miserable
while waiting for your text
I am so miserable
while knowing that you are the one thing I will never have
I am so miserable
you are the only thing I think about
I am so miserably in love with you
are you miserable too
Alja Jun 2020
Inhale, exhale, ihnale, exhale
put on a mask!
don't try to be different, if you want to be happy
just be lika everybody
inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale
don't you dare to be different, if you want to be happy!
different people are dangerous, weird, odd, strange....
inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale......
Alja Mar 2020
How does a heart break
1. You fall in love with a bad guy
2. He is bored so he thinks you are a good distraction
3. Everything seems so perfect
4. He starts telling lies
5. You believe him
6. He tells lies
7. You don't want to believe him, but you believe him, cause you don't want to lose him
8. He doesn't text back
9. You try to convince yourself that he is just busy
10. You find him with another woman
And that's how your heart starts to break..until you find another bad guy.
Alja Mar 2020
It is so simple to live in lies.
To believe in happy endings
To believe in love from fairytales my parents used to read to me.
Love against evil. Love always wins.
But do you know that this is one big lie.
Because there is no such thing as love anymore.
Our world is filled with hate.
It is sad, but love doesn't stand a chance.
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