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Nov 2019
Someone asked me today ...
       Do you even remember what it's like to fall in love that early in your life.?...
       "you were just a kid with out of reach dreams ...with an innocence about life that only be stolen with coming years and experience ".
       Do you even remember??

I actually don't remember. ..
     When you turn into my home?...
      When I first started noticing you?...
       When you become the core to my existence? ..
         When you stood out among the rest?
I don't remember. ..
         When or why I started craving the arguments we used to have?
          When you became the highlight of the day?
          Why I always went back to you?.
          When you became the centre of my gravity?.
I don't remember. ..

I just remember. ..
    That we used to live across the street from each other.
    That I grew up in your family as a member.
     That you were an aloof personality.
     That once I called you an arrogant with hostility.

I remember. ..
     Crying my eyes out on your shoulder. ..when the world was closing down.
I remember. ..
     Being surprised by your fierceness and the strength of your arms.
I remember. ..
     You pulling me upward and keeping me together...when my heart's about to gave out.
I remember. ..
    Losing myself but finding you in the end.
I remember. ..
    Being crazy scared about your reaction when I found the courage to confess.
I remember. ..
    Coming home when you said yes.
Ahh...when I was kid I used to think that its such a cliché when people say that they wanna go back in their lives and live childhood again..
Now I'm the walking talking prime example of that...
Some days are good ....some are fluctuate with the wavelength of the motion set inside my heart. .
Written by
Gulishta  26/F
       ---, Gods1son, --- and Shane
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