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Life filled with complications
And happy celebrations
Life is fundamental for survival and peace
Fundamentals of life is loss, and gains

Life can be entertaining
Yourself and others around you
Life is a fundamental challenge of simplicity
Life can be easy and sometimes hard

A good life takes a good fight
A bad life makes a bad life
Fundamentals of life is living it well
Life can be a battlefield type hell

We as a people need to learn to live life to the fullest
If life was always fun wouldn't it be the coolest
Some of us don't know how to get a life
And some us takes life for granted

So the fundamentals of life is to appreciate it while you live
Live it up, live it strong, live it how you want to live it
Be careful in the life choices you make
Because it may be the last breath you take.

                           RIP Prince you will be missed.
I wrote this because even though life has so many fundamentals that we take for granted what we have, but never fully understand it till its to late. I also wrote this because I dedicate this poem to the legendary icon Prince. Your music touched us all and I am deeply saddened by the loss of this artist.
Caroline Lee Jan 2016
It's easy as a poet to turn yourself into the flawed broken ideal you so readily romanticize at any given moment
You adapt generational buzzwords like
"Pale" or "thin" or "depressed" or "bipolar"
To make up for the places you feel dull or average
You long for someone to write about you like you write about your lovers or friends
So you set yourself up like a john green character
And empty
You spout tumblr religion and intellectual quotes
You become as paper thin as the characters from those novels our generation can't seem to get enough of
Romanticized to the point of extinction
You survive on maybe three good quotes and self inflicted lack of sleep
In pursuit of becoming the lie you loved youve become the truth you hate
Millennial icon
The cycle continues with you.
You don't have to be sad to be interesting. You don't have to be reckless to be important. You don't have to be the people you read. Stop romanticizing mental illness and disorders. Don't pretend. Who you are is enough.
solEmn oaSis Dec 2015
" bedside lamp "

solEmn oaSis : please don't turn it off ryn
i've got somethin' to tell,,,
i need that light!
ryn :  Haha it's just a conclusion for the series! There'll be more soon I hope. Thanks
solEmn oaSis : my gratitude ryn,,
and i hope this one will be our introductory-edition
for a simple collaboration
Congratulation ryn for your Goodnight on the daily...
my #shapeofapparition101
including *** and pen
gets to know more about your 30 days of poem concretion
Martin Narrod Oct 2015
when your weekend grows
from black to black
marble casts its outlines
and the eyes roll back
she calls to the sapphires
in the moon draped night
where the weekend rolls
turn back time
where silvery milk thistle blossoms coat the sky
are you bad as night?
have you ever tried?
throw yourself on the wheel
then give yourself a real ride
until temptation's gone
you've never really tried
let your guard down girl
then give yourself a real ride

some survive dusk
others they hustle
black and white tv screens
bleed out the american icon
DC raw love Apr 2015
Isn't it funny how things trend

The latest, men's jeans is on a comeback
I didn't know they left

Indiana Jones,
what's up with that,
is it a name for people to do crazy ****

Amazing birds,
I have been amazed with birds all my life,
I wish I could fly and **** on people.

Carne De MiCarne,
A fancy word for Barbecue
I like the back yard barbecue,
I can pronounce that.

Women tax,
is that like black tax,
they should be charged
with all the money I spent on females

the famous controversy
the blue and white dress
or is it black and gold
what the **** do I care
i don't wear dresses

why do when I follow the directions
it never comes out the same as the picture
I eat enough as it is already

TV Shows
The food network, just make me hungry
How it 's made, why do I care
CNN news, they can beat a dead horse to death
The UFO channel, haven't seen a flying object yet,
except when a girl may through something at me

Gadget's & TV infomercials
They drive me up the wall and they never work
that's why they give you a bonus
5 for 1 price

Don't want to drag this out so here is the last one

What's up with black girl names
shaqunda, liqunta, shaletta, and so on

Just last week I found out that a young black poet
named Sha'Condria "iCon" Sibley had wrote a poem about this.
It went viral, the Dailey show talked about it,
The Washington Post wrote about it
between twitter, youtube and instagram
she got over a million hits

Check it out on youtube it's called
Little black girls with long names

My hat is off to her and I respect her
for taking Poetry to the next level for us

Thanks for all the chatting and writings,
you guys and gals are great here on HP
Anand Mar 2015
An icon of love.
A mother
A friend
A sister
A wife
A daughter
Like no other
But Alas!
Why is she slaughtered?
What not all?
A victim
Of the 'so-called' culture.
Yet she spreads love
Sacred such is her nature.
Awake O' man
Respect her.
Not abhor or disgust
But love her
Worship her
Before to Venus back
Disappears this gentle and endangered creature.
On the eve of International Women's Day.
Especially penned keeping in mind the atrocities that woman face in some countries. No offence to the good men is meant.
Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

Your my idol,
My escape,
My voice to guide me,
At love and the whole world,
Inside my love,
And forever in all our hearts,
You speak to not just me,
But all of us,
And even the last of us,
All hail queen Minnie.
I hope you guys enjoyed my ep of one the greatest singers i look up to even til this day, :)
Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

More than you think,
Didn't have time enough to sink,
Before we caught it,
And brought it in the boat of,
Your music ,
Your legacy,
Your voice,
Your beauty,
Your passion,
For making us endure what in the world was happening.
R.I,p Minnie Riperton
Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

Here goes those tweeting birds,
Do you think we'll live forever,
Well depends,
So much doubt of life I had to spend,
You pick an easy way to pretend,
It was tragic how your life ended,
Left beautiful sounds for us to cope with this planet,
It was only one song,
And then My demons got stranded.
R.I,p Minnie Riperton
Arcassin B Jan 2015
By Arcassin Burnham

La la la la la ,
As the song played,
She use to make it hard to stare at the test that was displayed,
Played tricks on my mind,
No one could make me feel the colors you were so divine,
La la la la la,
Pretty green eyes to make you have a seizure,
She knew how to take control of her ****** features,
Model type like Michelle Pfeiffer,
She's a cat hear her roar,
Smoking hot like cigarettes and lighters,

Loving you is more than just a dream come true.
R.I.p Minnie Riperton
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