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Jun 2018
I want to be famous
I want to be known
I want to be loved by the masses

I want a stage to perform
I want millions of people to scream my name
I want the world to shed tears when they hear my voice

I want to be an icon
I want to dress in designer clothes
I want to be on the cover of every magazine

I want the press to write about my talent
I want the press to write about my beauty
I want the press to write about my grace

I want to break world records
I want to go down in history as the best
I want to be remembered forever

I then realize that with fame comes a jarring sense of loneliness
Because although you have millions of fans that chant your name
And a cast of characters that help you succeed
And expensive clothes
And all the money in the world
No one knows, and will ever know, who you truly are
And you won’t ever know the people or their story
Because you’ve become a two-dimensional figure with
No flaws
No insecurities
No regret
With no time to spend on anyone but yourself

It’s funny
When you’re famous, everyone knows who you are
And yet
You don’t understand a thing about what you’ve become.
"I don't think I could think of a single thing that's more isolating than being famous." - Lady Gaga
Lucas Pettinato
Written by
Lucas Pettinato  22/M/Chicago
     J, Fawn and Edmund black
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