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Khoi-San Jul 2018
Shackled imprisoned in an oval office
Called Robben island Transformed
Unshackled twenty seven years later
Freed a nation from an apartheid regime
Inspired the world from the Grand parade
A Universal Icon Humanitarian *** laude
Now honoured in the halls of Valhalla
Glorifying God...Looks upon us
With Love from the heavenly realm
A tribute to the late great President Nelson Mandela on his hundredth birthday
18th July 1918 to 18 July 2018
Julia Hones  Jul 2018
Julia Hones Jul 2018
Your life is made of distant springs and falls,
a straight route is not
what you own
for hurricanes and storms divert your path
to new horizons.

Will you find horseshoe *****, mussels, clams
on the stopovers?
Food awaits you
if the shores are not ravaged
by human greed, ignorance.

Your resilience is written in B95's ordeals,
a mosaic of adventures ingrained in his own cells.

The threads of your trips assemble
the places of Mother Earth connected in its roles;
nothing is detached in the collective harmony of souls.

Red knot shorebird,
peaceful messenger,
icon of strength without rage,
your story is the universal flight of awareness
waiting to be heard.
Red knot shorebirds are endangered birds due to human greed and ignorance. B95 is a survivor who has traveled the moon and halfway back in terms of distance.
Mystic Ink Plus Oct 2018
Being an Alchemist
She writes wholeheartedly
Poetry of hope
Spreading wings
Out of scraps
Out of tears
Out of fragile memory

Collecting pieces of her
Holding storm inside
Wearing a calm smile
With patience
She fixes
She heals
She inspires

With all of the missing pieces
She molds her periphery
Crafting a new world
Worth to breath in
Worth to live in
Genre: Inspirational
Theme: What breaks Us, Makes Us
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018

               Amazing Grace
             Eleanor Rugby
                                  That House That Jack Built
                    Here We Go Again
                                A Change Is Gonna Come

                Freeway of Love
                                                   Rolling In The Deep                            
                Never Grow Old
                                               (I) Knew You Were Waiting (For Me)       
             Love Me Right
                       I Say A Little Prayer
               Natural Woman

My mom is crying her eyes out. T-T T-T T-T
RIP to a legend! RIP to a beautifully talented woman!
DT Brunner Mar 16
Listen to Me.
It’s only a Dream.

Brooklyn’s hometown brother
Raised by his single mother
Many said he didn’t stand a chance
Dealing crack *******
Doing the gang dance

Top Seller
Rapping acapella
Crafty story teller

Reaching for interstellar heights
Under the bright, bright lights
No longer in the darkness of night
Affecting crowds with great delight

He is in everyone’s favour
A pop culture icon and a savior
He had certainly been put to the test
Now living a life of great success
He has triumphed, He has been blessed
He stands proud and tall above all the rest
He inspires me as a poet
Imagine a cave where no human has strayed  
Nor a scurrying creature has crept;
Ever haunting the deep, subterranean glade
Where the bones of the forest are swept;
A piteous icon is carved, drip by drip,
And forever in darkness it sits -
Who beholds of this vision will tremble, afraid
Of the place where Time sat and wept.
Hussein Dekmak Dec 2018
Stop thinking small,
Within yourself dwells all the secrets of the universe.
Change in the world is at the very finger tips of your creativity.

Stop thinking small,
Within your heart lies the road map to love,
You hold a sacred mission, a mission of awakening one soul at a time.

Stop thinking small,
The eyes of the suffering people are pointing
In your direction, searching for a glimpse of hope.

Stop thinking small,
Do you want to be remembered as just another number?
Let your remembrance ring as an icon of aspiration, a catalyst for change.

Stop thinking small,
Rise up, live up to your role, and
Start leading the orchestra that is the universe.

Hussein Dekmak

Nikki No Love Jul 2018
Within the shadow of a false icon,
Which hangs over me like fallen titans,
The ones who in the darkness of ignorance wore capes and flew,
But now wear maniacal grins and snarl to.
The same person who used to make you want to say live,
Now only force you to to spell it backwards and with yourself become more combative.

He says he misses me,
But that would make three,
Me, mom and The Monster,
He says "straighten your postue"
I miss the days I could look past your hypocrisies,
Back when I could look at your  and think "these are the right policies "
In my time of need,
You can't seem to see,
Your voice make me bleed,
You're whose killing me

To be stuck in a house, but not a home,
Trapped inside not a shrine, but a tomb,
Imprisoned by the voice that used to be that of ideology and hope,
Which is now the voice of the hate that hangs me like a rope,
The voice that tears my mind in two,
One side screaming "you are wrong," and I should be rejecting you,
The other side creeping and deafaningly whispers I am the infection, adieu.
This is a poem about my dad..I know a lot of people feel like this..hope it helps someone. Also I think this is my longest poem yet.
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