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Nikole L Jun 2
Isang libong luha
Hindi na matapos-tapos
Ngiti sa mga labi'y inanod

Luha na dumidilig sa unan
Tuwing gabi'y bumubuhos,
Na parang walang tigil na ulan

Ngingiti pag-sapit ng umaga
Walang bahid ng lungkot,
Suot ay panibagong maskara

Kunwari'y hindi nasasaktan,
Sa mga bibig na mapanlait
Tinakasan na ng imik

Isang libong luha
Patuloy sa pag-agos
Hindi na yata matatapos

Isang libong beses luluha
Dalawang libong beses papahiran ang luha
Tatlong libong beses hahanap ng dahilan para sumaya
Nikole L Mar 17
A place where tears turn to gold,
days are aging but never grow old
Always a bright morning awaits
No lonely nights - my fear abates

Let pixie dust fly you on high
Paint all that glitters in blue sky
Let it sparkle like a starry night
Drying your tears by and by

Wash away your pain in streams
go with the flow indulge your dreams
No need to hide the way you feel
Here in Wonderland, everything's surreal.
Nikole L Mar 16
I woke up with ray of sunshine on my cheeks
It's warm, bright, and comfy but I didn't care
I closed my eyes and slept
I dreamt of  a voyage on the clouds
A quest finding that ray of sunshine

Someone warm enough to hug me tight
Someone willing to be a clown just to make me laugh
Someone who brightens up a dark day
Someone who finds it cool to hang out with my crazy clan
Someone comfortable to be with me even if I'm awkward
Someone who lifts my chin up on tough times
Someone who will never leave me like how the sun sets, when I'm at my lowest point
Someone who sees the challenge in my complicated mind
Above all, someone who brings out the sunshine in me

That ray of sunshine who will make me see,
that every sunrise is worth waiting for
He, who will make me realize as I wake up with ray of sunshine on my cheeks,
I love how it makes me feel
Warm, bright, and comfy.

My ray of sunshine, Where are you?
Nikole L Feb 16
Pasensya na
Hindi kita hinahayaang tumitig
Tumitig sa mga matang mapang-akit

Pasensya na
Dahil hinahadlangan kita
Hinahadlangang ngumiti dahil sa kanya

Pasensya na
Hindi kita napagbibigyan
Pinagbibigyang kiligin

Pasensya na
Hindi mo sya pwedeng kausapin
Baka mahulog ka

Pasensya na
Kung paulit-ulit kitang pinipigilan
Pinipigilang mag-mahal.
Mag-isa mula '97
Nikole L Feb 14
Loving feels so good
Brain release chemicals, then
We love like a fool
It's a perspective from a
Psychology Student :)
Happy Valentines pips!
Nikole L Feb 13
Passion surrounds us
Let stars of your galaxy
Make every dream real
I'm doing my very best to achieve what I've always prayed for. With hardwork, permission of the universe, and God's will, I know I can make it.
Nikole L Feb 9
Noises in my head
Wanting to tell you something
When will you be real?
We are all guilty of thinking about someone way out of our league.
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