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Nikole L Oct 2022
Last Sunday night, were
back to being strangers, that
could have been lovers
Nikole L Sep 2022
Here we go again
You whispering sweet nothings
My love, those sweet lies
Nikole L Feb 2022
It felt something strange,
we never called what we had,
but it's almost love.
Happy Valentines <3
Nikole L Dec 2021
Tonight, I fell down a rabbit hole
It's not a place of magic
and happy endings
but a hole of thoughts deeper than a bottomless pit,
Where the only escape is a good night sleep
Nikole L Dec 2021
Imagine a different world without the sea
A blue whale would be wandering a vast galaxy
Counting stars and chasing comets,
Swinging around every planet
Getting lost in the milky way
Without worries that fishermen would take him away
Nikole L Dec 2021
Classic dress as black as the night,
Bergamot and vanilla perfume that smells like daylight
Sultry walk and red lipstick,
She's a little bit dramatique
Nikole L Nov 2021
If that love doesn't
terrify you a little,
Is it really love?
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