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Why did you do it?
     I didn't know it would hurt you so much.
So, if it would hurt me a little bit then it would be alright? Now, come this time every year I can't do anything. You are my can't do anything.
Very very anxious
Corona you got me dead to rights
Taking my anxiety to greater heights
Clothes laid out the night before
Notes of inspiration at my door
Mask making hard to breathe
Already almost an impossibility
Down the stairs
Cross the street
House still there
For me to see
Easy, Easy
Slowly I breathe
Corona, you won't get the best of me
I don't want to be lost
Even though I am
Please, send a search party
Don't stop till I'm found
I may be wandering
Or hiding well
I may have gone to a familiar place
And gotten lost on the way
I ran for good reason
Fear swooped me away
My bones aged
I live in pain
Please, come out to find me
I want to be saved
I'm still trying on my own
Come meet me halfway
Sometimes we laugh
Sometimes we cry
The people around us
Wonder why
What makes us happy
What makes us sad
What makes us smile
What makes us mad
And that's alright
If they use the information well
To help us through
Days of hell
Sadness is a sort of spell
That transports us
Back to the shell
Of what we were
Before the sadness came to life
And doing all we could to survive
Cut off a bit
I try today
A return trip
So afraid
Of all my truths
Of yesterday
I walked into a room where nobody knew my face.
Slowly some approached "Are you so and so?" "Yes." I said.
"You don't look like yourself." No, I think. Clothes do not make the man. The words do. You know my words.
Vintage clothing fun to wear
Riding a horse getting away from me
Perfume made of wet earth
A house whistling in emptiness
Continental Educator Chocolate Morsels Farina Brown Sugar
Old linen closets that squeak
Ghosts wrapped in sheets sitting on beds
Ice Box Cookies Thin Mints
Children wrapped in rooms empty of joy
Raisins Honey Almonds Melons Coconuts
Books read to you as you read
Dates Carrots Figs Pomegranates Apples
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