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Chani Goldstein Apr 2021
He stops to recoil
She leans forward to help him
A bluebird flies by
Silently she tries again
With air thick as smoke
Mothers cry a world away
Boys too young to fight
He opens himself to her
The battlefield rages on
Chani Goldstein Apr 2021
Hemp made canvas bags
Tree trunks thick chocolate bark
Earthworms housing Earth
Chani Goldstein Apr 2021
Feeding world hunger
Post Covid stress disorder
LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈
Chani Goldstein Apr 2021
Sun rise is my time of inspiration.
Its performance of every season.
It is always there.
The beauty of a mornings fog lifting.
The days rolling in.
We do some of the same,
and some of the different
we create.
Life is great,
even when it doesn't feel great.
And as surly the sun sets
the evening rise rolls in,
and mornings morrow will return
to do it all again.
Chani Goldstein Apr 2021
Rain drops feeding leaves
Deserts growing cold at night
Spiders spinning homes
Chani Goldstein Apr 2021
Old houses whistling in memories
Screen doors flapping in the wind
White sheets wrapped in furniture
Echos of children playing
Cool breezes blowing through curtains
Overstuffed bookshelves
Mothers standing in doorways
Spending summers in the mountains with my mother
Chani Goldstein Apr 2021
Sad with no reason
He loves me, he loves me not
Overcoming pain
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