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E Jun 2020
How are you?
I´m fine
Me too
As she walks away, though
I see her cry
MsRobota May 2020
I prefer silence
because I am shy and awkward
but I hope you stay

because I like
the sound of your voice
it's sweet and strong
Amanda Kay Burke May 2020
It has been a long time since we've talked
Will we hang out again?
Used to hug each other every day
Then I stopped being a good friend
Hi Apr 2020
I am a Stupid poem
That does not rhyme
With broken line
And my soul is deeeeep
And ...
Hi Apr 2020
A. Angry
B. Boomer
chlorine Mar 2020
I want to believe

but a thought sends me so far.
chastise my shadow until im gone
pick at the lies until they scar,
words cut like knives
yet mean nothing at all
the noise has no regard
I try so hard,  no one sees
the struggle to intervene
Lianne Jan 2020
I love you so much,
I'll hug you a bunch,
lets have a lunch
and lets talk about how we see the future,
laughing, smiling, giggling.
i want to do that all, with you.
i love you
So many lists
So little **** to
               to an expression
               of the expression
of others

I spent a decade
letting others
express my feelings
for me
               and not for
               lack of flaking

I've almost 25-
years strapped to my
              and the greater
              of those years
licking evil

if I'd the ***** to
spit my faults as
simply a product of
nothing then
              they were me
              always me
in tongue-sposed summation
I smiled at you
When I was broken inside
Never realizing
You were always the reason I cried
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