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Stay up late just for conversation
A brand new face and a fascination
Passing compliments and smiles as if they're going out of style
Something seems familiar and it's something so peculiar
Hours on the phone usually don't pass the time but for some reason time moved faster than my favorite season
There's no doubt in my mind I'll be tired when I rise
But honestly, that's alright, I feel hypnotized
The newest of new - I just met him today
But he fits me just right like he's custom made
Mutual excitement, we may be thinking reckless
But I want him to hang around like my favorite necklace
I loved everything about you
I even learned to love the abuse
The good, the bad, the ugly
You made a beautiful collage for me

I found myself listening to your songs tonight
Not the ones you brag about - the ones that gave me insight
They showed me that even though your eyes burned me like the brightest fire
Your words ****** me and left me in a bed of desire

And no matter how hard I try to convince myself that I deserve better
I can't help but immerse myself in your ****** weather

Sometimes I'll stand in the rain and look up at the clouds
I'll wonder if you're worth the pain and if I'll ever make you proud
consume endless stimulants
anything to get through this

lifeless eyes with sunken souls
tucked away in hidden holes

the hands on the clock do a full rotation
returning then surpassing their first location

alternating breaks between coffee and bogies
i sit on the floor, my effort withholding

breathe in, breathe out, inhale deep
i know not about counting sheep

a few more bodies tough it out
"we are the champions," i want to shout

and i'm delusional, so i just might
tell this empty room about my sleepless night
Finals week, man. I just have to keep telling myself, "Only one more semester."
Before you I had no worries, I was happy and free, or at least I thought I was
In hindsight I was still a little boy running around and pretending I wasn't an adult because

If I stopped pretending it would mean I wasn't going to have fun anymore
But that all stopped when you walked through the door

When we met we clicked we understood each other perfectly
When we thought of our future if we'd always be together, certainly

When I was with you I was happy but in a different kind of way
I felt like an adult who had his whole life together, but with you I could still play

You kept me on track so my life wouldn't be wasted on parties and ****
But at the same time you made me think you were all that I would need

I didn't see it for what what we were, I saw a partnership
But when I was in a bad place you said you wouldn't stay on a sinking ship

You taught me that I'm valuable and shouldn't be tossed aside
But you taught me not everyone will stick with me for the ride

You taught me so much in our time together
Unfortunately one of those lessons was that we weren't forever

I opened up my heart for you like I never had before
Then you opened up your legs for him and left your ******* on his floor

You made me think I was the problem and the reason we would drown
But in reality, you were the captain, and your ship is going down
My friend Niko wrote this about lessons learned last year. It's true, what they say, the first cut is the deepest. I wish him well in his heart's recovery.

He's new to Hello Poetry, give him a follow - Nikolai Marzouka
It's ironic - you're not environmentally conscious——
And don't forget, baby, you're the one who said you want this

You wanna date her, but then you claim you've had it,
So you return like I'm made of paper or plastic
Crumble me up and throw me away
Or repurpose my presence, you wouldn't want me to stray
and try to salvage what's left of my shattered broken pieces
Keep me compacted tight, make me believe I'm beneath this
Shred me, burn me, then keep my remains
Just to piece me back together how you want me in your brain

One day you'll lose me, I'll become biodegradable,
and you'll try to reuse me only to realize I'm not disposable
I'm not the insulated coffee cup you settle for when you're in a rush
In fact, keep this up and I'll be ice cold to the touch

Cut down tree after tree then wonder why you can't catch your breath
Dug yourself into a landfill trying to avoid your death

Consume me, then remove me, keeping pieces each time
But you can take it all, the soul you know's no longer mine
I can't walk past Rocky Raccoon's house without pondering the idea of you
Simultaneously yet separately living out our days
I find comfort in nostalgic music, long car rides and light shows,
In lukewarm coffee representing effort put out for far too long
Hues of orange and yellow stick around with no sign of surrendering
Like an overdue library book I have no intention of returning
American Spirits burning a hole in my heart where you used to be
From philosophy to my sheets, you came and went so swiftly. You're one of a kind. A piece of you will always be mine.
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