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Angel Mar 2021
I want to dance
I really do
& there’s something about the way
the wind spins & moves that I envy
I long for a partner so syncopated
in soul & flesh that we move
like the wind
Angel Mar 2021
You know that serene feeling you get when you sway in a hammock, eyes closed, sun hugging you, earth humming around you while you feel everything
I imagine that’s what it feels like to kiss you  
Like the up on a swing
When you can nearly touch the sky
Angel Feb 2021
Don’t kiss me when your tongue still licks your lips with despair
Don’t breathe words of hate before connecting lips with mine
Don’t kiss me with lips of confusion
Don’t touch me with lips of resentment
& call it love
Don’t kiss me
A kiss doesn’t feel the same with no love
Angel Feb 2021
The water holds steady
as my tears did
Lush green surrounds me
I could fall asleep now
The water looks like a song...
I wrote this summer of 2020. I was hiking around the mountains & I found a spot down by a stream of water off an area of rocks that were mossy. It was like a little island with trees around that kind of hung over the water. I sat there with my eyes closed taking a moment for myself. When I’m around nature I try take many moments & try memorize it. I wish I remembered more of those moments. It was beautiful, like a dream
Angel Feb 2021
Today my mind isn’t very kind
Today I am not very kind
Because today
My mind told me when I woke
When I was curling my lashes
To **** myself
My mind
Told me to die today

My mind isn’t very kind


My mind isn’t very kind to me
I’ll be okay
That voice is aways there
I just didn’t think today would be the day I hear it
I don’t wanna hear it
  Jan 2021 Angel
I just lost some of my words.
Although they were few.
I feel like I have lost a lifetime.
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