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Yolanda Oct 2020
She is cute, she is small
She's got a pretty round face that glows like sunlight
She is got a pretty little mouth with white glowing teeth that brings a perfect smile to her face
Her breath smells like the scent of roses
Her cute big eyes look like those of Slow Loris
Her hands are tiny like little rat claws
Her little feet like the feet of a deer
And her tininess brings perfection out of her.
Speaking of a friend who I love dearly, she's tiny and gorgeous, and everything she does is just perfect, she's my inspiration, and my role model, she's one of the top ladies I will consider beautiful in every way.
Yolanda Oct 2020
I have ocean eyes,
They lighten every path of my way,
They reflect like Diamond,
They give peace to the misery,
They give hope to the hopeless,
They are my future.

I have ocean eyes,
They glow like the sun of the day,
They glow like the moon at night,
They are so beautiful like a ravine,
They are so bright like stars,
They are my future.

I have ocean eyes,
They zoom every little thing,
They are blue like water in the ocean,
They bring love,
They bring peace,
And they bring happiness,
They are my future.

I have ocean eyes,
They attract every living soul,
They make every living soul crave them,
They bring joy,
They bring excitement,
They are mine, I cannot share them,
They are my future.
Yolanda Oct 2020
In the morning the  sun gives farewell
to the moon and in the night time
the moon gives farewell
to the sun that's their routine.
Yolanda Oct 2020
My heart searches for the Love it has,
But every beat sounds like broken glasses falling into pieces.
Tears falling, nourished lips,
How beautiful will it be if it was a healing process?  
Hope buried deep down my soul, but thy heart is weak.

A heart of precious glass, broken into pieces.
Can it be formed again?
I cry out loud for help,
But nobody could hear me,
I lay down to heal,
But still, the pain keeps gaining,
Hope, hope I cry to you. Do you exist?
I try to find the reason why,
I try to find the majestic being I once was,
But the search is a living pain.

I convince myself not to limit the courage of love,
But the wages of a broken heart keeps on gaining.
Love + love = Beauty.
Why can I not get a reason? I ask?
The answers blared deep down in thy heart.

Dear broken heart ✉️, I can no longer dance to thy melody🎶💔.
Yolanda Oct 2020
I need to meditate
I need my space
I need some time to relieve my heart from all its heaviness.

As soon as I meditate
As soon as I get my space,
As soon as I get relieved from all the heavy burdens that strain my heart
The better

I will settle, when I've found a solution,
I will settle, when I've gotten my relief,
I will settle when my heart has found peace,
It has taken so much
And now is about to burst from all the heaviness,

My heart cannot talk,
My heart cannot scream,
And my heart cannot shout,
I will find a way to get my heart to rest.

It's never too late to relief my heart from all the heaviness,
I have a strong heart, a patient heart,
A passionate heart and a loving heart,
And the sooner the better to find me
And gain the confidence to free my heart.

— The End —